About Me

        Although the larger importance of anything I could relate about my life in New Eden can be scoped back in the history of my blog since it's creation, I figure a nice and concise 'telling' of what I'm all about might give you a better understanding of whether to even listen to what I talk about.

Firstly and most importantly I'm a pirate by profession in EVE. If you don't like tales plunder and piracy then you might want to step away right now.

Still here? Good.

I fly with the Tuskers, have done for about a year and I can't see it changing for me. I fly almost solely in frigates, occasionally  dipping into larger ships when it's absolutely necessary for the sake of the fleet. To that means and end I call myself a Frigate pilot.

I make my living from my piracy, despite how impossible it is according to the masses. I'm not rich, I'll never be able to afford a freighter or an alt and I often get by thanks to sheer luck and kindness from others but I don't have a 'main'; I am Kishin Hattori in New Eden and nobody else. That was a personal choice I made, for self satisfaction and general happiness, it's cool being one person in these other lives we lead.

Outside that... I love music and as such I try and let people sample what music I'm into at the time of writing my posts, it's all optional but I hope some people get something back from that.

I'll probably add to this later...