Saturday, 11 September 2010

Old Before Your Time

        Things have been absurdly hectic recently and my time pirating has taken a huge turn for the worse. I would rather people understand that I won't be particularly active in my duties both as an avid pirate and blogger; I know it's been a few since I've done a meaningful post.

The charger is in, hopefully my Eve batteries will be done sometime in the near future. Until then I'll be a tad quiet in New Eden. Hopefully things will be just as interesting upon my return!

Take care everyone, go kill some stuff in my honour.


  1. Ah the dreaded EVE burnout! We've all been there. . . But the good thing is . . you do come back and you do get that buzz again.

    Trust me ;)


  2. Have nice break Kishin. Its a good time to remember all that real stuff you had to do. :D

  3. Kishin, kick back relax and have fun. Maybe when you get back I might be too :D