Saturday, 16 October 2010

High On Rebellion

So I'm finally back, after around 40 or so days of inactivity I believe (should my memory serve me correct).

I'm back for a rather specific reason, mainly pertaining to fellow corp mate Bourreau's tri frigate tournament that he has put together. I'm really looking forward to it and am also in the search for some teammates!

Rules have been updated since his post, so I'll get on his case and get him to post up a new blog with updated rules for all you fellow pvpers who are interested. Whether my activity will hold after the tournament is a complete mystery to me, there have been some rather large revelations in my life (real, naturally) and thus I'm taking a step back to look at my options. Hopefully during that time Eve will find a comfy place to exist, I do love the ol' spaceships!

Glad to be back for the time being, hopefully for the future too. *hugs the entire world of Eve* I missed killing you!

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