Sunday, 17 October 2010

Karma Payment Plan

So as some know, others didn't but know now and the rest that couldn't give a flying; I am back on eve. To commemorate this I first perused through the blogs of my friends whom I have admittedly not been keeping up to date with. One post particular caught my eye and I read it. Cartoon Boy's post pertaining to the idea of karma (which was eloquently titled the same) had me ready to come back to the blogging and pirating world, so much so I left a comment on there. It reads as thus;

"A perfect song for a rather sombre topic.

I name my Dramiels after the same song; 'Karma Police'. I rage so hard when they die that the many kills I obtain with it all equate to the same pain I feel when it finally explodes. 

Karma indeed."

(He had 'Karma Police' by Radiohead attached to the entry!)

So obviously when I returned after a period of pirating, karma had surely forgotten about little old me right? Eh... Not quite. It was in fact, plastered all around the cockpit of my faithful Dramiel 'Karma Police'. I should have checked the lock a bit better when I put it in the hangar that last time because a mere 24 hours after my return to Eve, it went down in a blaze of FAIL. What did I do wrong? Everything. 

Now I know Dramiel's aren't stellar craft for dispatching Daredevil's at the best of times but with the backup waiting I genuinely thought I'd be fine. Well, had I done the checklist of do's, I just might have been.

Instead I forgot to launch my drones, activate my web, overheat my afterburner and keep the necessary range to not be one-shotted. Unfortunately I didn't do what used to be a second nature habit of mine and for this I lost the ship I loved the most... I'll be writing up why I used the fit I have done, how it netted me a good 50 kills and is my favourite Dramiel fit out there. Expect to see a synopsis in the next instalment of this blog series.

The rust is peeling off, I promise. One loss at a time.


  1. haha - epic fail. Epic. =P <3

  2. Cheers Nashh, I am really happy to be back... My wallet however is not! Also I literally just heard about the whole Capsuleer end through your blog. I don't use it personally but I understood how integral that was to the Eve community. Kudos on the petition, I am sorry it fell on deaf ears.

    Epic is one word for it Bonni3, lets hope my last Dram doesn't suffer an unfair fate due to my 'epic' incompetence. <3

  3. Kishin's back \o/

    Looking forward to locking horns with you again sir :)

  4. And you von, you still with hellfleet or did you move on from there?

    Drop by Hev sometime, perhaps I'll finally break the tank on that Vengeance!