Friday, 22 October 2010

World In My Eyes

Just a quick post to introduce you all to a new blogger and fellow pilot in Mew Eden (and yes, he is a Tusker!)

His name is Buck Flintrock and his blog is readable here.

I chose a wonderful b-side song by The Cure (as the title of course, all my titles are songs) for this inaugural third party cannoning of Buck's blog into the community that is us, the bloggers. I hope you guys go take a look, follow if you like and keep a tab on the various goings on of this stellar guy.

Oh and I got first follower, so you'll all just have to vie for second... *victory dance*

Welcome to the blogging community Buck, wishing you all the best in the future!


  1. Man I get no love from you, you post up about everyones blog but mine, oh yeah and Tressin's. But hey its cool, I suck at blogging anyways.

  2. Where have you been Val? I've been waiting for you to come back online so I can ask you to be in my tri frigate team... but you haven't been on in agesss.

  3. Tressin has a blog?

    Thanks for the link!!

  4. Yes we both have blogs, mine can be found here and Tressin's is

    Anyways I will be back to EVE shortly I suppose, just trying to get through the urge to kill make believe dragons and what not. I would be happy to join in the tri frig and am planning on it. But I will talk to you about that later.