Monday, 4 January 2010

Oh how it was never meant to be...

       Ok so I had a thrasher lying around, gathering rust and thought I'd finally take one out for a shoot around low security. Fitted it all up, 7 shiny teach 2 cannons, armour plates, the works. Quite excited about the potential kills I could hopefully get I ended up spending a good 13 million on that set-up, money which I admittedly didn't truly have to waste. I finally un-dock and begin to cruise towards a local haunt of mine; Amamake.

       Now I know I was on my way to shoot down other pilots in a faction warfare area, whether they were faction fighters or not, but being bombarded by a horde of Gallente and Minmatar battleships just takes the cake. They had camped the gate into Amamake via Ossogur I believe. I was pretty much insta popped by a wave of quite literally 15 Battleships and proceeded to be ransomed. Fortunately the clone I was flying had nothing in his head, so more fool them. I really do wish that some pirates would get off their asses, stop holding hands with twenty other of their heavily armed brethren and sit waiting for whatever comes their way. Gate camps are a part of New Eden I'm not asking for any changes, but does it not seem almost carebear in itself to be protected by so gank and tank that you could probably click the self destruct button and someone would still come take care of you.

       What I'm trying to say is, fight fights you may not win, pirates in for profit are pirates not worth their salt. Jump in your frigates, hell even cruisers! Just stop hiding behind a swarm of drones, shields and armour when facing off against a lonely Thrasher. This is I know a huge rant post but when things like that slap you in the face, it really hits home. I'm off to go mission my isk back for the next 5 days.

       And based on this, I doubt I'll be trying the Thrasher anytime soon, Rifter please!


  1. Ooh this one I have to comment. :)

    "What I'm trying to say is, fight fights you may not win, pirates in for profit are pirates not worth their salt."

    I'm of the opinion that pirates NOT in for profit aren't pirates, but warriors. Piracy is a profession and you won't make money by fighting against all odds more often than not.

    However, I don't like blobs or to be part of a blob - if I intend to turn some profit, I try to do it alone.
    I don't consider popping a Thrasher with a 15 BS gang as piracy either.

    I actually make ISK mostly myself as a pirate and spend the money on more expensive toys I might be more comfortable flying in a small gang.

    Either way, please don't regard piracy as an activity nobody makes their living with.

  2. Forgot to add a link in case you'd like a more in-depth post about my views on piracy as a profession:

    Cheers and again welcome to our corp! =)

  3. I look back on this now through the eyes of a pirate and cannot believe how juvenile I was in my perception of the situation!

    Whilst it is never fun being hoarded by battleships in a poor little destroyer, I understand that they just need the money as bad as I.

    Looks like I still have a lot to learn, glad to be learning from worthy pirates such as yourselves.