Monday, 28 December 2009

So it's been a few days

       Firstly, merry christmas to all who celebrate it and to those who don't, skip the paragraph!
I hope everybody got some great loot both under the tree and from floating wrecks and had a great time overall.

       As stated in my prior post I have been using a Rifter for my solo pvping over the past few weeks (which has now changed back to a Punisher; I just can't make my mind up!) and whilst flying that ship I had great success with it, despite being fitted only with tier 1 modules. I'll give a small review of the ship and it's uses for those that wish to hear it.

       That's the fit, a no tank with a low amount of gank that somehow I bagged 6 kills in a day with! (not all alone but regardless I was happy) As you all can probably see, it fights by disrupting optimal ranges for smaller targets and tracking for larger targets, then you just use the speed to tank as much damage as you can, keeping at about 5km range with barrage ammo.One thing to keep in mind with this fit, fighting against ships with 2 mods is advised to avoid being webbed and losing the ability to dictate range. It's nothing special but it's definitely fun to fly!

       On a purely speculative side-note; anyone listen to music whilst they gun down their targets? It's something that I personally can't not do (you should see my ships, full of more speakers than ammo crates!) I just wish their some sort of truly sonic weapon that I could use to decimate my targets, firing the music I love as I tear into their shields! O' but a fleeting fancy indeed.

       Back on topic now; things are as ever interesting for me, with new opportunities revealing themselves from day to day. I have enough kills to potentially submit an application to The Tuskers, a pirating corporation which have had my eye for a fair while mainly due to their methods of operating. I also have the opportunity to catch up with my old corporation and teach some of their newer members small combat, which is truly something of an honour to be asked about. I know I'm by far no expert in any field of combat, but the chance to help out the people that got me on my feet is something I feel I must oblige and with happiness I shall. I've got great friends that manage to pull me through the monotonous war against guristas pirates and rogue drones with great conversation and friendly atmospheres and besides having no isk as always, I really couldn't ask for any more out of my life in New Eden right now. (well maybe a free dramiel, but we can all have dreams) I'm forever looking to build contacts, find new friends and fly alongside as many people willing to let me so if you read this and feel charitable, buy me a dramiel! Just kidding, but a friendly wave will suffice.

       Take care all as always and fly smart. Hopefully I'll see you guys out there.

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