Sunday, 20 December 2009

Upscaled in technicolour

       So my life in New Eden has been taking a fair few large changes over the past week or so. I've become more confident in my solo combat abilities, I'm meeting a multitude of new people, all whom have been great to me and helped me to no end; finally I experienced something magical in the name of a true fleet.

       I was flying in Amamake with a friend of mine doing some small time combat against other pilots in the system, when we decided to move and mix things up in a nearby system. What occurred shortly after was not in our plans. I saw what might have been the most impressive sight I have had to date in my career as a capsuleer; a 40 man fleet sat ready to depart into low security for large scale faction warfare. Immediately I was signed up and for the rest of the night experienced large scale combat in a way I had never before.

       We spent a long time flying, grabbing a few nice kills and eventually having a large scale battle that admittedly resulted in a retreat on our behalf. It was a loss I personally was willing to endure for the lessons learned were invaluable to me. One thing I must say is that the Rifter I flew served me well, actually managing to survive the entire conflict despite being the total sum of 0isk due to being fitted with the scraps from my hangar!

       One final thought I have is based around faction warfare itself. Yes it may seem somewhat worthless to many players but for me as a young pilot, there would have been no tangible way to ever be engaged in a fleet like that and still feel worthwhile. Whether you were in a frigate, or a battleship, everybody had their place and in that respect I am glad faction warfare is still being enjoyed by many pilots within New Eden. If you want to learn how to fly a ship, command a fleet or just survive and operate in small and large fleets I would promote looking into faction warfare just in case it benefits you as it has me.

       In my next post I'll be reviewing the ship with which I ended up bagging multiple solo kills despite being fitted with t1 equipment and yes, it's a Rifter!

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