Friday, 11 December 2009

Tinkering with my pretty ships

       I am the type of pilot who wants to pvp all the time, something that many of us understand isn't a viable option due to isk restraints. I am not a foolish man and have slowly come to this realisation throughout my time in New Eden and there has been only one positive outcome of this knowledge; I cannot afford to lose ships.

       Now this may not seem like a particularly divine thought or one of any merit but through my need to survive I have been participating in constant internal debates to try and find the most effective fittings out there. With any frigate fitting finding something new that works well is a difficult task, the lack of slots and temperamental nature of the frigate means that generally a few fittings get circulated around as the best and thus are used widely across New Eden. One particularly notorious example of this is the 'cookie-cutter' Rifter setup, there being both a buffer tanked version and active tanked version.

       I am not claiming to have revolutionized the face of frigate combat with this setup I have devised, but for the Punisher especially, I feel this is the strongest tanked t1 frigate out there.

       The key to this fitting is to find a middle ground between the active and buffer tanked Punisher, sacrificing a slight amount of armour resistance in the resistance plating to fit an armour repairer. If my and the Tuskers Public channel maths is to be correct, this fit on average should take around 10dps damage from a ship dealing 100dps whilst tanking in armour, giving the armour alone around 200 seconds of life, or as long as your cap runs for. Bear in mind this fitting is done on my particular skill set using only 4mil sp; I have yet to translate this into a max level skill set fit but plan to do so shortly and with any luck should be able to scratch out that last 10dps worth of damage!

       Obviously any ship pushed into a niche so heavily will suffer in others, it's speed is atrocious and for that reason I wouldn't recommend it for any tackling role, purely due to it's inability to properly control range. Also in regards to it's range control abilities, if you find any setup running arty's or something of the like, do not engage, this fit is a up close, in your face fighter and should be used for nothing else. The Market data on my EvEHQ is slightly iffy, so don't cry at the fitting cost! It's only 10million isk in total.

       Let me know your thoughts on this small but I think positive tweak on an already great fitting!

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