Monday, 14 December 2009

One More Time; With Feeling.

       Lately the Punisher frigate has been a topic of conversation I've invested myself heavily into, as I've recently had a series of great experiences with it as a ship and it looks so damn cool! I've taken as much exterior advice as possible about the ship, it's strengths and weaknesses, along with those of it's frigate counterparts. The age old crown of the Rifter holding top position is in my eyes now heavily contested, by the Punisher.

       I posted about a fitting I had put together for my Punisher which I myself have flown and am incredibly happy with, my exploits in that particular fit have also been written about too if it peaks your curiosity. I have now taken a lv 5 skill set into consideration just to see how immensely powerful this ship can get and the results are nothing short of astonishing.

       Here it is, the strongest tanked t1 frigate in the game (in my opinion!). Yes it's EHP might not be top in comparison to the purely buffer fitted Punisher, but the near 3k of pure armour hp combined with an armour repairer makes it a ridiculously well tanked ship. The dps is drastically improved and the stability of the cap would actually allow for a t2 energy weapon fitted Punisher with little impact on it's defensive capabilities. The fit as said before weighs in at about 10million, though this may stretch to 12 due to my need to fit heavier, 200mm guns upon it. It's speed isn't even too shabby when you take 3 armour trimarks into consideration. The greatest part to this tank is that it's resistances pair off very well moving from shield to armour, where low shield resists apply high armour take it's place, this is a ship not hindered by any type of ammo out there.

       Any thoughts on this purely theoretical fit would be appreciated, as I am sure few would have the skills to fly the ship with these stats and if they did, they wouldn't be flying frigates still! (I shout out to the few frigate lovers out there who will be, just like myself!)


       I'm gonna go out and get one of these blown up, so take care and fly safe!


  1. Great new blog, Kishin. I think you just laid out the challenge for Rifter pilots everywhere!! But, you've definitely interested me in your Puni fit. Let me know if you want to test it out on my Rifter.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good plan! I'll get one fitted up and ready to rock, get your best fitted Rifter too, should be a really interesting fight.

  3. I would love to go a 1vs1 against your puni fit and see how it works.. with my new secret rifter...

    heh, what area do you live in?

  4. Yeah that sounds like cool idea, I currently live in the Molden Heath region. You'll probably see me flying around in low-sec so send me a message in-game and we'll set up a duel sometime!