Sunday, 6 December 2009

A New Life...

       Upon a recent event in my life in New Eden I decided it necessary to begin writing down the various events that I find myself in, for better or worse. To put it short I'm hardly the greatest or most efficient pilot; I abhor big clunky ships and love my nimble frigates, my wallets often so empty it's hard to buy myself a meal and my ability to find myself in unfavourable situations is astounding. Still, I get by and do what I can to make my mark in New Eden.

       The event I mentioned earlier would be leaving the first corporation I joined, High House of Shadows. Still being a very young pilot I felt I needed to explore the different things on offer to me in New Eden and whilst it was an emotional and difficult decision, I know I've made the right choice. The best part is that I still get to fly with them all from time to time and they've been really supporting of my new goals. I recommend any pilots whether veteran or new to the cockpit to check them out, I learned a lot from them in my short stay of two months and without their help learning the ways of low-sec life I'd be podded more time then you can care to count.

       Now you'll find me roaming the systems around Molden Heath, looking to make a quick bit of isk whilst trying not to get blown up too much. I've already managed to lose two ships in my low security life, both on the first night... Definitely not my finest moment that's for sure.

       I'm looking for any friends I can out there so feel free to say hi, I don't bite unless I've got you locked. Fly safe.

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