Friday, 11 December 2009

The Punisher's Maiden Flight; A Restrospective Look.

       Yesterday I posted up my new Punisher fitting that I was quite enamoured with to say the very least. It had all the bells and whistles and in my eyes was unstoppable. This proved quite true for my first couple of encounters, easily punching through two Rifters and causing a Griffin to run away (my slow speed couldn't keep up and he retreated).

       It was an interesting night and I thoroughly enjoyed flying my new fitted Punisher, after a nights rest I came back to my ship still anchored in the dock and checked everything over. Eagerly jumping back into my ship and out into space I headed for the nearby system of Auga, a place in Minmatar control I've been hanging around; I decided to fight alongside the Minmatar in the faction warfare, if only for a short amount of time. I looked around for some targets and only presented themselves directly, an autocannon fitted Thrasher. First thoughts of any frigate pilot contemplating whether to challenge this beastly foe is something along these lines; 'this will be a certain defeat', my thoughts were no different. Regardless he was looking for a fight and I was feeling oddly confident sat in my armoured-to-the-teeth ship. We quickly engaged and the fight began.

       Initially the fight was insanely one sided, with his ship annihilating my shields and eating into my armour to an unhealthy level. I slammed my armour repairer on and continued pummelling him with ammo, this was 3 cannons against 7, I should have thought more about this engagement. Still I fought on and eventually began to out-tank him! Yes I was dealing out more damage than I was taking and his armour began to dip below mine, which was holding solid at 50%. My capacitor began to strain as the engagement went on, with my repairer deactivating just as he was approaching structure.

       The remaining part of the fight was in line with my initial prediction, a massacre. Sitting there in disbelief that his ship survived in structure I warped away and accepted defeat as best as I could. One thing I should take away from this, never fight an autocannon fitted Thrasher. Ever.

       My thoughts on my Punisher are positive, with my only reservation based around it's atrocious speed, which isn't a problem for fighting other frigates, why zip around when they can't hurt you anyway? It is most definitely a frigate fighter only, which upsets me greatly as I had hoped it's tank would be able to handle at least destroyer class ships. I'll look at trying out the Rifter again and see how my luck fairs in that.

       Till next time, fly safe.

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