Monday, 7 December 2009

A run in with the tuskers

       So I'm flying through Molden Heath, looking for a fight and I happen upon a Merlin sat flagged at a nearby planet, eager to get my kill I charge in guns blazing, getting burned to a crisp in a short, high octane fight. My mistake? Didn't check it was A Tusker pilot. Lesson learned? Carry EMP S for shield tankers.

       We began to speak, mainly to wish each other well in travels and so I could find out what crazy fitting he had on that ship. The pilot I'm referring to is 'Proxyyyy'. He invited me to their public channel and within seconds I had a slew of people helping me on my way to getting some kills, one fellow even donated 2mil to my cause! After taking the advice on board and tinkering with my ship in the hangar, I took out a radically different fitted Punisher than what I'm used to. This thing felt rock solid and proved to be so in my next encounter... With more Tuskers.

       Arriving into Adirain within the essence region I flipped my directional scanner up and got a bunch of nice potential targets. 'Bingo! Looks like this is the place to be.' After warping around the belts I catch a lone pilot in an Incursus, heart pounding I locked and let rip, tearing him into his armour at a blistering pace. We had a short fight between ourselves, only for me to slap myself in the face as a healthy dose of flashies dropped on top of me. It was the Tuskers. already knowledgeable of my defeat I gave them the best I could, nearly managing to take one down before my ship tore apart under the weight of their guns. I warped away and looked at my wallet, empty. Tapped my head, no implants. Looked at my system map, 20 jumps from home. 'This won't be pretty...' Tentatively I tapped on the big red button; self-destruct. The 2 minute countdown began and I sat in my pod contemplating the event just gone by. A searing pain and engulfing light covered me briefly, only to throw me back out into a dingy stasis pod back home. Just another clone.

       Lesson learned? Don't mess with the Tuskers.

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