Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Kishin Hattori Never Dies...

        Ok so that was a rather pedantic and poor allusion to Tiger Army, a psycho-billy band I listened to a lot back in the day, but it's message is resolute. Despite my lengthened absences from New Eden in the killing field, my work never stops. I've been training as all of us tirelessly do, building up funds and recovering from the war declaration I found myself thrust into a few weeks ago. The result would be this:

        If any of you get locked by me, this will probably be what I'm packing. It's taken me quite some time to find the right fit for this ship and I finally think I have it. whilst I adore speed and massive damage, being a pilot who flies Amarrian craft also means I do have a soft spott for a good tank. I feel this has a great middle ground of all three. Managing to run at just over the holy grail of 1km/s with a nice damage output of 125 per second, it definitely can deal it out. What I am perhaps most fond of is it's ability to take the damage. With a constant re-gen of just shy of 100 damage per second, with healthy resistances and a fair chunk of shields that beg to be shot at, I really do feel that this is a ship I will do well in. I'm fitting it as we speak and getting ready for it's maiden voyage out into low security with a friend of mine, here's hoping it doesn't disappoint!

        The war declaration ended on a fairly mute point for me in other news, I was not able to get the kill I was hoping for, but after a short but surprisingly pleasant conversation with Duckeye himself I wasn't all too upset. Whether what he told me was truthful or a pack of lies I know not, but I did gain some insight into his reasons and whilst still not justified in my eyes; this is New Eden and my morals mean very little to anyone. Time to move on and get out there for me!

        Fly smart.

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