Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Day in the Life of a Tusker.

        I'm a little over a day old now within the Tusker corporation and I have one thought that keeps reverberating in my mind, it is thus; pirating is awesome. Having only been in the corp for 24 hours I was hardly expecting to achieve much whilst I stumble around in an unfamiliar place, nor did I expect everyone in the corp to believe in my abilities as they appear to, it really is a wonderful place to be!

        By trust, I am referring to their open attitudes, friendly and welcoming atmosphere which I have entered into and on top of that the knowledge in them making me a true member of the team; I scout upon request, tackle, I've even got a good few killmails so far. I think this is a product of one main thing, that being the Tusker application process. 5 kills may not seem like much on paper, but for an isk starved upstart pirate like me, it genuinely was a difficult challenge. To rush in achieving the kills meant to make mistakes and lose isk, to take too long felt like my goal was slipping out of reach. Fortunately I found a balance and am jubilated that I haven't slunk away at the prospect of being branded an outlaw.

        I've already experience tons of combat, claimed many kills and even done what I feel is perhaps the most pirate-like thing a pilot can do in Eve; forcefully commandeer a battleship. My security status has indeed taken a pretty massive hit, now at -2.97 (and still dropping like a ton of bricks,) yet in honesty, I am beginning to relish the day when I finally become an outlaw, I think then I will truly feel at home in the Tuskers; a true pirate.

        I'll be writing up a combat log of our endeavours soon, so stay tuned! For now though, I am going to catch some sleep, wake up tomorrow and get back out there.

        On a further note, my Punisher Guide is coming along nicely, though I am unsure when it will reach completion. Hopefully I'll find the time to give it the love required.

        Till next time, fly smart.

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