Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lose this!

        Things have been pretty hectic since my integration into the Tuskers, I've been killing a lot, burning isk as if it were wood for an open fire and losing more ships then I care to truly consider. I am in a state of flux as I type, watching my wallet weaken under the punishment of low-sec life and after having lost my second Stiletto of the week for rather foolish reasons. 30 kills might seem a pretty nice number in a week, but put 10 losses against that and you've only got 3 to 1 ratio for kills to losses respectively.

        I have a rather obvious Achilles heel for shiny frigates, in particular the Stiletto and both the Jaguar and Wolf. They cost too much, are uninsurable and against anything with a swarm of drones, tend to be dropped faster than you can scream 'Ransom me!'. Despite all their inherent flaws, they are still my favourite ships to fly and most likely will remain to be as long as I can afford to have them explode.

        After many conversations with my fellow Tuskers about my current losing streak and being reassured it isn't anything terrible, I'm beginning to overcome my worries one day and kill at a time. I don't think it will be something I'll be able to get over my current worries once my wallet improves it's health (trading is surprisingly difficult!) but until then things will be on the rocks so to speak.

        My time with the Tuskers has already been an eye opening experience to the world of Eve, I've learnt a huge amount from every pilot and am committed to constantly improving and evolving myself as a low sec pirate in every possible way. I'm also beginning to open my eyes to the larger ships, my new venture being a Minmatar cruiser well known as the Stabber (Masquitar will laugh when he reads this.) I would like to take this moment to say that unless I had lost the amount of ships I have since my becoming a pirate, I wouldn't have come to this conclusion; I am learning.

        I'm not long off hitting -10 security status, with my current value at -9.94. This has changed my way of life greatly too, no longer able to fly about with as much impunity from all those neutral people that want fights; It has led me to receiving more fights purely on the basis of them engaging me at gates without worry of station fire. A little bit of adjustment and I am falling into the role of a low-sec pirate quite well I think.

        Low security space has begun to become my friend also, with Hevrice feeling more at home than any other place I've been in New Eden. All my ships are here, my friends are here with me, the system itself is in a great position to roam from, with two active pipes leading away from the Hevrice system. One problem I have are the macro couriers, but as soon as I can fly a battlecruiser efficiently, those will be getting popped for a day or so I'm sure.

        The Punisher guide has been evolving too, some great conversations with fellow Tuskers (yet again) has given me new insight into the craft and I've got a few awaiting fits in my hangar so that I can get a feel for it once more to finish the guide off properly.

        All in all, life is great! The Tuskers are great and Eve is great! (But you guys already knew that last part) I'm going to continue blowing stuff up, so I'll see you all out there.

        Till next time, fly smart.


  1. Nice read!

    A little rule of mine is every time I lose one of my shiny tech II ships, I go and fly about in a Rifter or Incursus as a form of punishment :)

  2. You'll also learn that a t1 frigate hull with named and t2 mods and piloted by a well-skilled pilot can be pretty fearsome. There's no question that t2 frigs are going to outshine their t1 counterparts, but you can fit and fly hulls like the rifter somewhat close to their abilities for a fraction of the price. Keep it up man, losing is the best education you can get.

  3. I think I might follow your mantra there Romeo, I need some self discipline to stop myself jumping back into that really shiny Wolf!

    I think that is part of the magic of the t1 frigate hulls, and perhaps all the t1 hulls in honesty. As you've said Aiden, they are so viable even against bigger targets. I think I shall keep down to just using Rifters for now until I'm feeling confident enough again.

    And Tuskers, if you guys see me not in a Rifter without a good reason, send me back to home station mk?

  4. Ha, so I'll assume since I saw you flying a Firetail today that you're still addicted to expensive ships?

    I have the same problem though. Dramiels and Slicers make Rifters feel like I'm flying around in a PvP-fit Badger.

    Anyways, it was a fun little scuffle we had today, and if you ever want advise on terrible ways to fit your Punisher, feel free to ask (I'm a self-proclaimed dumb-Punisher-fits expert).

    Oh, nice blog too!

  5. Haha, yeah I still suffer from my issue, the isk worries are starting to melt away through making some trading progress.

    Was a fun little fight, tried to wait until the last minute and then get inside scram range but didn't quite get there, makes me contemplate dual propulsion!

    That is a hilarious thought 'pvp-fit badger', I do agree though.

    Hope to see you around man, look forward to more fights in the future.