Friday, 19 March 2010

Debauchery, Chaos and Anarchy...

        I nearly had what would have been the single best kill ever in my life within New Eden. The kill would have been a fully T2 fit Omen Navy Issue, even with 2 Imperial Energized Adaptive Nano's. Nice right? Well the kill would have been mine if the Tuskers weren't such a skill-less blobbing pvp corp that we are renowned around the entire of Eve to be... Wait, something is definitely wrong here.

        I'm not here to rep the Tusker name but I am confident that anyone who knows the Tuskers can vouch that we stand by our word. I won't use the term 'honour' as it is one lost within Eve, but if you were to ever get a corporation close to this idealistic  phrase then Tuskers cut it fine in my eyes. There is a context for this seemingly ransom post and as I stated above it was having the kill of my life stolen before my very eyes.

        I entered the Vitrauze system during a little roam in my new Republic Fleet Firetail which I have been favouring as of late and there is one person in local; Rote515. He begins to take jabs at the Tusker name suggesting that we are 'a bunch of blobbers and British' (why nationality was a factor for his distaste of us is beyond me...) The Tuskers aren't allowed to indulge in smack talk; it's hateful, damaging to new players learning the game and generally can never lead to anything good regardless of the situation. This is one part of the Tusker code, a concept that seemingly escaped this fellow. I was docked up at the time, having taken a quick afk break, so I un-docked and he was trying to gate camp me in the station in his nice and shiny Omen Navy Issue. I deftly flew past and warped to a safe, making sure not to foolishly be caught out. We continued to exchange words and I, in short, stepped up to defend the Tusker name and the notion that we do not blob and are skilled in pvp. I warped back to the station as he wouldn't move to a belt for fear of the impending blob that I was clearly planning. I was disappointed as I knew he would just burn back to the station and dock up if things went south in our fight, but at least I could prove a point. I warped to the station, pulled him out to the furthest range he'd come and then the fight was officially on. I called Iromei and Ki'Tori from the Tuskers to wait in Onne in case anything bad happened and he went back on the agreement. If he had the right to be wary, I did too.

        He launched a full wave of Warrior drones at me as I burned in towards him to establish point and a safe orbit, his fit was a mystery to me at this time and I wasn't aware what an Omen Navy Issue was capable of. I quickly dealt with the flight of drones with ease and proceeded to close in on him to start dealing out some damage. I had to keep my distance, using barrage to grind him down as best as possible whilst keeping out of potential neuting range. The fight dragged on, with him constantly trying to burn back to the station. He knew he couldn't win this fight clearly. As I began to really feel content with my performance against my foe I noticed he was really starting to get into docking range and began to worry he'd get away. I loaded up Republic Fleet Phased Plasma, took a deep breath and came in close to hit harder. He continued trying to shoot me with his group of medium lasers which were missing horrendously to my amusement. I was hoping he wasn't aware of the docking mechanics and thus continued to shoot until he died from my offensive. As he began to drop beneath 1/4 of his armour and victory was truly mine, in flew a Vagabond. Who was this Vagabond? A fellow corp member of his. I ordered my allies to jump in to my aid, as a Vagabond and Omen Navy Issue against my little Firetail is hardly a fair fight. In hindsight I wish I had kept my point on the Omen as he seemed to think he couldn't dock, which was hilarious; I knew however that losing a Firetail to a Vagabond was not worth the risk and immediately broke off from the engagement. My friends landed to support me and he swiftly pulled his ship into the station, the cracks on it's hull beginning to show.

        You would think that after myself honouring the fight throughout and him breaking the rules that I would have taught him how honourable the Tuskers were. Well apparently not, as my back up was characteristic of the blobby Tuskers that we are clearly. I went away from the fight feeling angry and really quite upset in honesty. I had the chance to take a target most don't ever dream of fighting and had the fight been truly fair, I would have won there was no doubt about that. Plenty of ammo left, cap was stable, his entire fleet of drones already dead and his lasers hadn't a hope in hell of taking me down. Unfortunately however he chose to be the smaller man and save his ship, directly dishonouring our agreement and only highlighting the inaccuracies in his opinions. In short, if anybody sees him or any of his fellow crew Debauchery, Chaos and Anarchy just give them a quick history lesson on what the Tuskers are truly like. I'm going to go and dream over all the isk I could have made from that fight...

        Till next time, fly safe.


  1. Kishin,

    I saw this guy in local a few days ago doing exactly the same thing. I can only assume he is bitter over a loss at some point in the past. Don't let it get to you.

  2. Aye, I'm just moving past the whole thing. It was a disappointing end to a decent fight really. I made up for it later by taking down my first battlecruiser solo though! (It was massive fail-fit but I was still happy)

    If we do see him again though, definitely going to have to teach him a real lesson.