Wednesday, 23 June 2010

... And I shall use their bodies as steps if I have to!

        Just a very quick post to announce a new milestone in my life as a capsuleer; I have now peaked at just over 500 kills lifetime! Not something of merit to the many 0.0 dwellers out there I'm sure but for a low-sec pirate I am rather proud of myself. I promised myself that I would reach this mark before I hit 100 losses and for a while I didn't think I would actually succeed and through some divine stroke of luck I have. I have all the many frigate hulls of mine that have died in a fire during this difficult process to thank, may they rest in peace... In space.

        In other news I had a rather interesting ransom earlier today. I actually ransomed a pilot to give him a 'fast travel ticket' to his pre-specified clone vat. You can see a write up of this particular ransom here, along with all other ransoms that I have honoured (which is every single one of course) in that singular thread. The ransom I am referring to is the current latest on the board, posted on the 22nd June in case you have trouble finding it! This just shows that there is money to be made in piracy people, although this particular sum wasn't particularly juicy it is nice to enjoy a conversation with such a fine tempered fellow.

        All the best, till next time pilots.

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  1. Woo, 500 kills already?! Congrats mate, you Tuskers are busy!

    An interesting ransom too, but why didn't he just self-destruct?