Thursday, 24 June 2010

Just to spread the word

I'm just going to say my peace now and be done with it as this post isn't in any particularly way related to me. A fellow blogger, whom I follow and enjoy reading, posted a rather interesting topic about account security and the prospects of banning through 'shady' business in the world of Eve. By shady I mean selling items and/or isk for real life monetary gain.

After reading the post and doing a bit of extra reconnaissance on those involved I felt it necessary to oblige Mail's request to spread the word and thus I am linking you to the very post in question. If this is indeed true then I can only hope the issue is resolved quickly.

I would throw in my opinion on the whole issue but in all honesty I can't see what good it would bring. Mail has said the best part of what needs to be said and the event speaks clearly for itself. I would hope that through this the people whom do violate EULA regulations take a chance to reconsider their actions as it has now gotten to a point where they ruin other people's game.

I can't assume they would give any thought to this though.

All the best.

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  1. Involving your friends in shady deals new form of griefing C/D?