Thursday, 8 July 2010

Moar Frigate Fights Plx

        After a request by someone I shall leave anonymous to blog more about frigate fights (I'd link you to the blog post but he unfortunately deleted it) I figured I would oblige and give you all an after action report on a fight I had last night. I also got shouted to update my blog in Hevrice local today so special thanks goes out to Zurakaru Ze for getting my lazy ass in gear! He has a great blog that I found thanks to the power of google and you can all enjoy it here.

        It all began with my triumphant return to New Eden, well, not so much. Still I had taken a small break whilst some skills ticked over and my real life got the better of me, a shame indeed right? So the fabled Gallente Frigate V has finished, drone skills are looking pretty tip top and my support skills are finally about fleshed out. Life is officially good again. The wallet is chirpy and my array of ships has increased ten fold thanks to the training plan I've stuck to in order to fly the Dramiel. Now that you are all caught up to speed I can actually begin the tale...

        Myself and a bunch of Tuskers were zipping around the Hevrice system and decided to go find trouble and in a matter of moments we were all sat in various frigates (and a Rupture) raring for fresh blood. The initial composition of the fleet escapes me, suffice to say it would be something of a worthless piece of information as for the next two hours things were very slow. No targets, not even in the holy grail of pain that is Amamake. Spirits broken a final five of us limped back towards Hevrice with nothing to show but another dent in New Eden's carbon emissions. These five gung ho pilots I shall now create aliases for in regards to the Famous Five:-

  • Robert Mason shall be Julian; the herioc leader of the group that leads us into danger. Also he's like totally my father.
  • ItsmeHcK1 is Dick; though not for the reasons you might think! Despite being FC of this roam wikipedia's faithful depiction of the character just screamed Itsme. Go look for yourself.
  • Snake Bliskan is going to have to be Anne; his voice is so silky smooth it's scary.
  • Taek'li will take the role of George; I'm not sure why but I felt harsh making him a dog.
  • I will be Timothy; yes the dog. 
        As we rushed home to catch much needed sleep or go find some food to fill our empty bellies, a gang of cruisers and frigates that we had seen earlier but been unable to engage just so happened to be sitting around trying to do a faction warfare plex. We took the oppurtunity to attack despite their Blackbird support and larger fleet size. This is where things got interesting.

        As we landed on the gate to the plex their fleet suddenly warped off rapidly, except for the Blackbird. Our famous group managed to get points and precious deeps on the evil ecm boat and it fell without any hassle. Whether the pilot choked on the call to warp out or just got left behind for another reason I cannot say, yet the knowledge that the linchpin of their setup was gone made us all breath easy as we prepared for a response. The pilot was invited to chat and ransoming proceeded with our obvious intentions being to draw their fleet back in to the fight. After some big talk that they were about to 'have some fun with us' and our shooting him into smithereens their fleet landed at range and then proceeded to warp away again. We made chase and just missed catching a few rogue members in belts before having to rally back upon the plex that they had all skulked into beneath our noses. At this point our FC Dick decided to call us into battle, we aligned with the acceleration gate and were promptly threw into the deep unknown...

        Warped away, again. Their fleet disengaged and scattered out. We gave chase once more perhaps through ill-judgement on our behalf, though with the length of the roam and lack of fights who could blame us? Once more events repeated themselves and we formed upon the plex gate of the site that they once more took refuge in. This time however, things happened. Primaries were called and despite being told to go directly for the Stabber I couldn't resist but put the enemy Taranis out of action. With this being my Taranis' maiden flight I suffered from the same symptoms all pilots do with a new toy; fear, excitement, wallet checking. I overheating my guns and launched my drones, immediately tearing into his armour. Seconds later his ship tore into a fragment of glittering shards and I remained victorious. I quickly assigned my drones to aid with the assault upon the enemy Stabber and took on the various tech 1 frigates that littered the field. 
        Unfortunately for me, the battle was swinging back and forth, far above my head for me to notice. George's Rupture had succumbed to their combined force and call outs of our gang taking damage was flooding into ventrilo at an alarming rate. Both myself and Julian were under fire and Anne was bravely tanking as much as possible. I quickly made work of an Incursus as my armour hit 50% and I began pulling range as best as possible, throwing my drones upon enemy drones and spitting bullets out in a venomous rage at all who closed in.

        At this point everything went blank. 

        Whatever happened after then is a mystery to me, I only wish I could gain different perspectives of the fight so that I could fill in the various gaps that remain. Suffice to say I made it on every killmail in the fight and left with 37% armour. I think Julian came out in structure and unfortunately Anne's Ishkur was lost. We were victorious! Frantically those that had the cargo space looted like frenzied ferrets (yes, check out the analogy) and we made our escape into the night as a Vagabond and Rifter squadron arrived on scene to put us in our places. 

        Fights don't get as good as this, nor do they happen everyday. Despite what many people will chime in local about blob fleets etc. can see that without a fleet this glorious fight would have never happened and thus my blog wouldn't have awoke from it's writing slumber. So be thankful for small gang combat and I'll remain in awe of my new favourite ship the Taranis. 

        As a disclaimer I can't verify how famous any of the Tuskers mentioned are, nor can I say that our adventures were quite as fantastic; here's hoping. 

Till next time o/


  1. Nice to hear the Tuskers are still tearing up Hevrice area. Keep it up.

  2. Taranis are sexy beasts, and when frig gangs find appropriate targets it is just non-stop awesome until everyone on grid is dead.

  3. Cheers Geaux for the good wishes! If you ever want a brawl feel free to drop by sometime, I'm sure there will be at least one Tusker around happy to oblige you.

    Indeed it is a real nice ship Arrhi and that was such a great test for it. I was freaking out pretty bad as the armour dipped into the low but when the dust settled and we were still standing it felt wonderful!