Saturday, 31 July 2010

Self Destruct This Please

Ok so this goes out to CCP; sort self-destructing out! I don't mind self-destructing being in the game but there definitely needs to be a few changes to make it a fair game mechanic.

Why am I bringing this up? An Orca that blew itself up in front of my face after myself and few Tuskers caught it in a belt. Obviously it does show up in the log but when your frigate's gun cycle round constantly and you are being shot by npc rats that message can easily slip by. I would also keep my log open but unfortunately the large portion of screen real estate I have is filled by the cumbersome UI CCP have given us and the many chat windows that I have opened for whatever tactical reasoning.

To fix this aggravating issue you need to do a few things;

  1. Remove insurance on self-destructed ships.
  2. Add a timer directly on the ships hull for visual aid, rather than a single text message that practically always is overlooked.
  3. Generate a killmail for those involved (not mandatory)
  4. Give a fair loot drop rather than having all fitted modules destroyed. I see no reason why having a ship explode through overwhelming firepower is any different than a single explosion from the pilot's choice. 
It really isn't hard, wouldn't take much work but would make people far happier and improve the way things are played. I hope somebody takes a look at this and agrees because it borders on insanity to have any other way.

Roll on the next Orca to land in a belt with me, I don't think it will get a chance of a ransom next time!


  1. There should at least be a more obvious message that its been activated.

  2. These are really good points. You should make a thread in the Assembly Hall/EVE-O forums imo

  3. You know, I'm actually okay with all modules being destroyed upon self-destruction.

    It's a controlled detonation I'd say is specifically designed for denying attackers any kind of benefit from the aggression.

    But it really doesn't make the slightest sense that you get the insurance payout...

    "What's this? The logs here indicate you self-destructed?"
    "Nah, ocelots nestling near the warp core. caused a malfunction that led the ship to initiate self-destruct."
    "Ah, ocelots - a very common problem these days, reported in several similar cases."
    "Yeah, my platinum insurance should cover that if I remember correctly?"
    "Oh of course sir, here's your money."

  4. I think all you'll get from CCP if your lucky is a Spiderman band-aid.