Sunday, 11 July 2010

Not Ready To Make Nice; Fashion Pirates!

        As we all know my abilities with photoshop or microsoft paint are far below that of many others, you only need to look at my banner on this here blog to clarify this statement. Thus a good friend of mine (who has also recently become a blogger; link here) has endeavoured to draw me a new banner for my logbook of New Eden life to give it a much sleeker and more bad'ass look. When asked what ship I wanted showcased on said banner I fell on my face. I wanted a ship that would represent me as a pirate and still look damn cool. This is how it all began...

        Initially the Rifter springs to everyone's minds and for good reason; it's reliable (for a minmatar ship) and has been immortalized in the lore of Eve as a young pirate's greatest asset. Not wanting to fall under this whilst still being a Matari pilot at heart I needed a different ship to represent who I was. What I wasn't expecting from this mindless contemplation that I of course divulged to all my corp mates in ventrilo (because I barely ever shut up in vent), was that Kirith would turn this into a really interesting blog post! I read it with glee and found some of his choices very interesting considering both of us are currently rooted to our frigateering ways (that is totally a real word for frigate flyers only!) I then noticed a second blog about said subject by Mail Lite. Thus I have decided to follow suit and throw my perspective into the mix.

I wanted to make this a combination of both functionality and style when deciding on what ships I thought were a good asset for a pirate. Obviously frigate hulls have taken slight precedence in my shortlist as I have a soft spot for them but I've made sure to keep the list at least somewhat diversified!

Number Five: Hurricane

Number Four: Taranis

Number Three: Arbitrator

Number Two: Rifter

And finally at number one and the choice for my new blog banner...

Republic Fleet Firetail!

My reason for this ship is many fold. Firstly it looks awesome. Secondly it is somewhat affordable yet still good enough to make you feel special on the battlefield. Thirdly it IS a pirate ship, which you can learn if you read the description of the ship itself! It is a ship that I enjoy flying and have had great success with and it allows me to blend the two greatest aspects of Kishin; my Minmatar heritage and my life as a pirate.

Till next time fellow pilots!


  1. Kishin! I agree, the firetail is a beauty, and scary. Awesome combo. I'm still holding out for the crow, though, as far as pretty ships go.... even if it looks a bit like someone tried to wring the neck off a duck and only succeeded in stretching it to infinity.

    The taranis reminds me a bit too much of Cyrano de Bergerac, tbh, lol (although it is one scary inty). Other than that, A+ on the list, dude. Much love. See ya around.

  2. Taranis should be #1. I will accept your list for now though.

  3. Confirming that Kishin doesn't know the meaning of 'quiet'. :P
    Taranis is an ugly-ass ship, btw. :(