Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How It's Gonna End

I am a foolish pirate. It's become more and more apparent to me as I've played Eve and rather than actually trying to rectify the issue I merely ignore it. Thus I get losses such as this and more painfully this. When I shouldn't do something, I just think of what the best but almost impossible situation is and get it in my head it will work. Obviously it never does.

More fool me.

As some of you might know I make all my isk from piracy and I don't have an alt to support me in any tangible or worthwhile way. My 100,000sp hauler barely qualifies to actually carry anything of value and other than that it's Kishin on his lonesome. Why, then, don't I wise up? Answers on a postcard please.

The Daredevil is a wonderful ship by the way for those that contemplate flying it. I know had I not attacked those Dramiels that I would be flying it quite regularly and hopefully racking up some great kills. I would go into detail about what really draws me to the ship but I didn't get quite enough flight time to figure it out. Eve is a thinkers game and I'm beginning to realize that if I continue in my sloppy ways I'll be left in the dirt whilst others soar above me. This echoes a new chapter for me as a pilot and I plan to buck up and fly smart from now on, these kinds of losses have really punched me in the face. Do any of you find you harbour any particularly bad habits? If so, what and how do you combat them when out flying?

Hopefully something good will come of this, at least before any more bad stuff! I'm going to take a deep breath, relax and begin sorting myself out. Thus ends the emotionally fueled rant of a butthurt pirate!


  1. Hey Kishin!
    Didn't even realize I wasn't following your blog. Time to get caught up on some reading...

  2. Nerf Dramiels? :P
    But yeah, I do stupid stuff all the time. Overload too much until stuff goes offline, fall for bait just because I'm bored/impatient etc...
    I think when you fly shiney ships it does pay to be overly cautious. When flying cheap stuf like rifters, however, suicide til your heart's content :)

  3. Once again I'll refer to that Slicer roam we'll have to do as soon as I have free time again.

    For this occassion I already have decided on a new name for my ship:
    "The Voice of Reason" ;D

    And yes, it is the same Slicer with which I've flown on our last roam. :)
    (Not that I've been particularly active recently...)

  4. Hah, I feel your pain Kishin. I failed so hard the other day, I got myself podded, and then proceeded to accidentally buy a 13m clone that holds 7x the amount of SP I have.

    My idiocy is a proof that you can't teach a retard calculus. Your issues seem to stem from taking risks in expensive ships. Maybe the lesson here is to be better safe than sorry (while in faction frigates)?

  5. All very valid points guys, I'm definitely going to try and take things a little easier when flying the shinies. (Little do you know whilst comprimising this post I've tackled and taken down two t2 Hurricanes whilst under heavy neuting... Go figure!)

    I want to really get back into the swing of flying Rifters again but I lose them too much and always have trouble making money off them in the end. Might take a few out for a spin soon.

  6. I still never understand how you dont make money off of rifters, granted it usually takes 2 of them to get the ball rolling, one to lose in a suicide tackle and one that seems it will never die, but its hard not to make the iskies with them.