Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'm a Noob, I'm In a Rifter and I'm In Amamake.

This post is inspired by a post by fellow blogger Laedy whose blog I only found recently and am enjoying greatly. If you didn't get enticed by the hyperlinked name click on it and you'll find the specific post I was referring to.

Up to speed now? Good.

So off I went in my classic Rifter cutting cookies all over the shop. 200 plate, repper, holy triad of tackle, I had it all, Amamake didn't know what was coming...

Well things weren't quite as intense as I had hoped although I felt proud to do my bit in keeping the solo scene alive. I mainly found some other lone Rifter pilots looking for a tussle, dispatching them with relative ease. After having such a blast dodging Dramiels and oversized gate camps I extended this ethos to my home life in Verge Vendor and claimed a few more Rifters. Fellow tusker Mal Asha (who's exploits can be read about in Wensley's blog) was awake at some absurd time in his country and tasked me with keeping him awake and I of course obliged, deciding that taking him up to Amamake would be the cure for his sleepy soul. We shipped up, shipped out and made best speed to the Heimatar region with hopes and dreams or piracy and fun all round. Unfortunately things weren't quite as peachy as we hoped and we decided on some whim to ship up to Jaguars (the reason why is beyond me). We claimed a few lives but nothing particularly spectacular.

Mal then took us over to Evati to see the locals and hopefully bag some kills, which we did. That kill right there is why I abhore dual-prop close-range Dramiels, they just can't stand up to Assault Frigates. Bear in mind the fight was largely a solo affair so he was held down by only 1 web and 1 scram for 95% of the fight. I wish I could write an epic post in regards to the fight but it quite literally became a Gallente affair; overheat everything and tear him to pieces.

Time passed, we saw some friendly faces from our public channel and both lost our Jaguars in suicidal manoeuvres, which is all in the name of fun. After a break we returned and I piped up in local to see if anyone would be kind enough to sell me a shuttle for my journey home. Just to my luck a pilot whom I have always been aware of but never had the pleasure of talking to for any length of time stepped in and offered me a ship, the same went for Mal. I docked and a trade window opened with Lady Shaniqua with a fully fit Rifter inside. Epic, the roam continued! I gave what isk I could spare in appreciation and we headed home after a long roam. It was great fun and although I lost more ships than I probably should have on a normal day I also had a better time than I usually do darting from system to system.

So here's to Rifters and Amamake! (I must be honest I hoped to see Laedy around so I could ask for a duel, I had no such luck. Perhaps next time!)


  1. Yay \o/ Sounds like you had heaps of fun!
    I'm very flattered you've linked my blog ^^
    I probably play in a different timezone to you (Aussie here), so I might not see you around much. But if you do see me online, give us a shout and we can duel then go roam in rifters if you like :)

  2. I've never been able to find decent fights in Rifters, I guess I must be cursed. Sounds like a good ol' time though, and just FYI, Lady S is an awesome pilot, and has a hysterical blog as well if you haven't found it yet:

  3. @Laedy: I'll definitely take you up on that offer in the near future Laedy, will add you to addressbook and fly over when I next see you online and I'm feeling lucky!

    @Arrhi: It's a game of patience indeed with the Rifter but generally every Rifter pilot fancies their chances against an enemy Rifter so those fights usually come pretty often. Thank you for the link too, I did have a quick google search but never found it so the link is much appreciated. I was hoping you'd be in Evati when I rolled by but alas you were not =(