Sunday, 29 August 2010

From an Honest Beginning...

I've seen a few other pilots do this themselves and I think it's a nice thing to add to my blog, partly for my own happiness to have it archived here for as long as I need it and also to allow you guys to see what kind of applications evil pirates like me put up. Yes, I was a kiss ass. I have a rather hilarious audio file to add to this, recorded by our very own ex-Tuskers Don Pellegrino, although I am an internet n00b and thus have not figured out how to get the audio file on my blog yet. As soon as I do, it will be attached to a random post of my choosing!

1. Your real-life age and country of residence (include timezone).

19 years of age, university student studying English Literature. Currently residing in the United Kingdom (GMT+0)

2. Why do you want to join the Tuskers?

After initially joining Eve and putting it down after a month or so of play, I came back to the game sometime late September, determined to give it my all before making a final decision. I quickly joined up to a player corporation, who whilst full of wonderful guys who helped me learn the ways of New Eden, they were unfortunately part of a NRDS alliance. Initially it wasn't a bother but the more I flew as one of them, the restrictive nature of NRDS took it's toll upon me, forcing my leave.

After some soul searching I decided to teach myself how to fight before concreting myself in another player corp. I stumbled upon Wensley's Rifter guide and began to learn the finer art of pvp over the coming months. I've often sat and chatted with you all in your public channel, I've been killed and tried to kill many of your members and I genuinely know that I could fit in perfectly. Now finally beginning to feel like I might be of use within the corp, I am applying as a means to find myself a new home. I admire the way you all conduct yourselves and would love nothing more than to share my love of piracy with other like-minded individuals. 

3.Tell us about your previous EVE and other MMORPG experience, if any, including any leadership roles you may have held.
Whilst this may be slightly off-centre for what you are looking for, I played Final Fantasy XI for an extended period of time before coming to Eve. The reason I am telling you this, is due to the nature of that game itself. The necessity placed upon teamwork is insurmountable, and playing a white mage as I did, I learned the value of staying alive and working in an efficient way towards a common goal, all the while looking after those I am fighting alongside. After my long time there, I moved to Eve.

Within Eve, I've had the majority of my experience revolve around pvp. I flew in low security and 0.0 very often with my old alliance REAL, learning the ways of interceptor craft and scouting. I have ample experience at avoiding harm whilst travelling and am confident in my scouting abilities and hope they may be of help. I also gained some experience in FCing during my time in the alliance, though it was only in small 4-5 pilot squads. Whilst FCing I really got to grips with quick on the fly decision making when I was placed with the lives of others in my care, knowing when to fight and when to run is a valuable asset, something that I feel I have put to good use when flying solo. After leaving, I have honed my skills as a solo pilot, flying frigates for the most part. I value the men in my fleet more than anything and actively enjoy working as a team in achieving the impossible.

4. Declare your willingness to abide by the Tusker Code. (Please don't let's call ourselves "honorable;" that's a term that means different things to different people.)

I understand and will abide by the Tusker Code.

5. You must have a minimum of 5 million skillpoints.

I currently have around 6,500,00SP, I have less SP than my character's lifespan would suggest, due to the absence I took from initially getting into the game, to the time that I got completely engrossed in Eve around September.

6. Successful PvP is more about pilot attitude than SP; skillpoints provide a measure of flexibility to a pilot’s tactics. The Tuskers require recruits to document five solo kills (link to the kills at a killboard such as BattleClinic), including two kills above the candidate’s ship class. We don’t care if you’re a grizzled PvP veteran, a reformed carebear who’s accumulated your kills over time, or if you’re a young pilot just able to fly T1 frigates. (Rookie pilots can read this thread for suggestions on how to rack up the required solo kills, and visit Tusker Academy for more help.) Please be sure you can point us to all five of these kills before posting your application. ... id=8886704 ... id=8896227

The two next kills I hope qualify as above hull class kills, these are perhaps my two favourite kills due to the intensity of the fights. ... id=8887307 ... id=8966076

This is the kill that has helped me feel ready for the Tuskers. My maiden flight in a Jaguar, a ship I have wished to fly for a long time. ... id=9536113

7. Two-way voice communication is essential for successful gang combat. Currently, Ventrilo is working best for the Tuskers, but all our pilots must be willing and able to use Teamspeak or EVE Voice if future circumstances demand. These programs are free to download and install. You will not be admitted to the corporation if you do not have a functional microphone and speakers--please indicate that you have them.

I have a microphone, speakers and both Ventrilo/Teamspeak installed and in fully working order.

8. Candidates must not be alts of other active characters. You may have a trader alt or a mission-runner alt, but they may not be a member of any other player corporation without permission.

I have only one character, namely Kishin Hattori. I have purposefully kept the only character, as I feel that if I want anybody to know who I am within New Eden, it will be as Kishin. I am planning to try and fund my life as a pirate and remain as the one character, but will of course make a transport alt if I cannot maintain the life. Kishin is and will always be who I am within Eve.

9. We need the Full Access API Key (the "strong" rather than "limited" one) and User ID for all accounts you own. This allows us to extract information from your skills and wallet which helps to detect ISK-buyers and unacknowledged alts. Provide us with the name of one character from any additional accounts you may own; once you have posted your application, we will provide you with a URL where you may enter the required API information.

I am prepared to supply my full API Key upon request.

Thank you for your consideration of this application in advance, Take care.


  1. It got replaced by Daft Punk unfortunately, as when I fly I fly in a robot suit with electro music pumping out...

    I am unsure how this conflicts with the Gallente highway code, so I'll keep it in check!