Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kittens, Cakes and Cuddles

The overhaul is finally underway! I finally had a go at messing about with the new design stuff blogger has came up with this. Basically, I failed hard because I couldn't upload a picture that worked I decided on this awesome TRAIN!

Also my friend made me this epic banner which now adorns the top of my blog. Things are still being altered but I'm overall rather happy with the change so far.

I haven't had much time to really get some piracy in lately as I have been rather busy. Suffice to say I've logged on an hour late for some of the best kills us Tuskies have had in quite a while. Examples here and here. Here's hoping I don't miss the next few!

I should have some more riveting posts to dish out soon, although having people throwing expensive ships to die at me always helps so don't skimp on the top belt Orca's!

P.S. If someone has a better idea for a background than a train do let me know, not sure it is in keeping with the blog...


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  2. haha! Yeah, the train needs to go, lol. When I first saw it, I was like "whaaaa?" and then I read your post. So, I started looking for other possible backgrounds for you (although I must say I liked your blog layout before, with the black background). However, in looking for abstract-ish black backgrounds, I came across one that made me laugh as the hair reminded me of you. Link to the right of here Background Link(doesn't show up unless your mouse is over it; you might want to edit that in your blog layout settings)
    No, I do not think that should be your background - that was just for shits and giggles, lol.

  3. Maybe a screenshot of space?

    Nice update though Kishin. Your new blog banner is pretty hoss.

  4. Train is a no go... too busy =S
    Banner looks frikkin awesome!

  5. That looks like a 1912 Merlin from the D Company Railway of Alabama. . though I could be wrong, it could well be a mk2.

    Nice banner my friend.

  6. Well I have bonnie to thank for the awesome banner and as for the train I agree, too much greyscale!

    I will work on getting something a bit more in line with the theme.