Friday, 26 November 2010


Things have begun to look up in the world of Kishin Hattori! I was given a rather kind donation by a reader of my blog who admittedly did not want personal acknowledgement, my current wallet is looking a bit less blue.

With that I've decided to scale back on what I've been flying a little. Yes, that does mean no faction Dramiels for quite some time yet. It'll be tough but I shall have to survive...

The sad spell is over and I've begun picking my killboard up off the floor and dusting it down, injecting at least a kill a day of semi-decent quality. The ship I am enjoying most right now is the Taranis, so expect to see me zipping about in one.

Oh and I entered a paint competition for my corporation and came second... I won a firetail! Here's the submission;

Here, as always, is the complementary song with which I shall divulge unto you all, with a little bit of documentary thrown in for good measure. Aren't you lucky? Fine art and fine music all in one! (Waits for the laughs) Regardless, look forward to some (slightly) more upbeat combat logs and pew pew posts soon!

Till next time o/


  1. That painting is amazing. Do you do commissions mate? Might have some work for you :)


  2. Mraaaah! Angry Mushroom of DOOM --> EXPLOSION! =P