Friday, 5 November 2010

I Must Belong Somewhere

It's been a long time coming. As of today I can officially fly every single frigate in New Eden to an effective level. That is to say, tech II fit ships across the board with no skill alterations between racial guns/missiles/hulls/tanks.

I'm currently at 17,200,000 skillpoints, though battleclinic thinks highly of me and is adamant that I must have 20,000,000! My character hasn't been devoted to this goal since day one, that's for sure. I most certainly believe that a heavily focused character could achieve the same thing in about 16,000,000 should it be your goal.

Whilst there is a good portion of my being that is filled with elation at the achievement here, another part of me just wonders how much I've actually shot myself in the foot. The whole journey was a largely unconscious one at first, inspired by fellow corp mate and current ghost (to my sadness) Kirith Darkblade. Upon hearing about his plan to max out the skills on his Rifter I immediately pledged myself to the path of the frigate pilot... Whilst I wasn't quite patient enough to achieve what he still endeavours to do, I instead have ended up reaching my own frigate-based milestone.

I look back on the months of skills being trained and remember my first week of being in the Tuskers where I flew grossly inefficient Jaguars until I realized that such $$ ships just won't work out well for me in the long run. I scaled back to my Rifter roots and have been periodically undocking in them since. So whilst it's great that I've now gained access to over 40 different frigate based hulls, I can't help but wonder what I've exactly 'given' to my corporation. I suppose this is a tie-in to my recent post in regards to Crazy Kinux's (who is celebrating the 6 year blogging milestone, keep rocking buddy!) monthly blog banter, where we discussed why we loved the corporation we were in.

In reality it is quite acceptable to understand the any normal corporation would ask for progression from their pilots, at the very least improvement. Considering we are a pirate corporation that has (in my opinion) garnered a collective aim of excellency in our combat endeavours, I wonder whether my stubborn and stagnating skillsheet has allowed me to benefit the corp as a whole. Factoring in that applications do open and close based upon player number, along with the increasingly grandiose operations we take part in, I wonder whether there was someone else in the world of New Eden who would have better filled the shoes I now walk in. Contemplating the fact that I'm still here only further cements my loyalty to the Tusker banner fortunately, I guess I'm a rather lucky guy.

A few final questions that I have for whoever is still reading; does anyone else in Eve have the same ability to fly every frigate currently in-game to a tech II and high skilled standard (98% of Lv V skill efficiency)? And secondly, what personal plans and goals do you have/had for yourself and have you achieved them?

I'd love to hear some other pilots thoughts on the various concepts (I hope) I've raised in this post. Till then, all the best o/

P.S. As is new protocol, the song which I use for my title is now being posted at the end of my entries. Music is a large portion of my life too and I only see it fit that Kishin loves it too!


  1. Alliance Tournament VIII gave me a reason to train up Gallente Frig V and blasters, because getting into a Daredevil or a Dramiel was the only realistic contribution I could make to the team by the time the tournament came around. It rounded me out to basically perfect Amarr, Minmatar, and Gallente, but I've never been able to do Caldari (no missile skills doesn't help).

    To be honest, I don't feel like I'm missing much in that department, but I've gotta say, frigs are where the fun is at! I wholeheartedly support your training.

  2. Ah don't be so hard on yourself. I think its a great achievement to be able to fly every frigate hull with great skill.

    I mean look at your cane kill with a comet. Shows what a skilled frigate pilot can do. There have been times I wished I could fly a Merlin or Sentinel or even the Keres. Being able to fly any frigate really opens you up to the lesser known roles. I don't care what anybody says but the Keres is an excellent ship for tackle due to the point range, etc.

    My personal goals were simple. be able to fly Gallente up to BC well. I have achieved this goal and did the same with Minmatar. The only ships I cannot fly well enough to use is Destroyers. Catalyst just are not very good. But now that i'm done with minmatar to BC, I may just do destroyers and get up to DICs, or maybe do logi next. Im not near as focused as you and want more ASAP.

    note that BSs are not included - just Gallente/Minmatar up to BC - including HACs/Recon - funny thing is, i rarely fly them. I fly frigates 90% of the time.

  3. An old pilot I knew who went by the name of Romeo could fly all Minmatar, Amarr and Gallente tech II frigs to the levels you talk about. He told me he never quite fancied going all the way and taking on the Caldari tech II vessels. Though he did tell me of his fondness for the Merlin. This conversation took place in an old mining outpost out in the Amarrian backworlds. . .

    Ahem, but yes. For me personally, I am going to take on a plan similar to the great Kirith Darkblade and maximize myself in the Rifter hull. I also have a fondness for Firetails, a bit like a fat child likes cake.

    Keep up the writing and song postings. It's good reading material.



  4. Thanks for the comments guys, apologies on the late reply!

    @Arrhi; that's really cool man. I am finding that very few actually skill up to Caldari frigates, mainly due to their current performance... I feel as though I could have some fun with the Harpy and Kitsune though...

    @ Anxiir; Hey man! Thanks for coming to read the blog, I hope your time with the Tuskers has been eventful and fun so far. I like that goal that you set for yourself, seems to equip you for a good variety of roles on the battlefield. I will agree though, frigates for the win!

    @ Miura; Hello again mate, I do remember Romeo well... Was a great Tusker. Hopefully he'll update his new blog soon *hint hint*

    I definitely know what you mean with the Firetail... I love it to bits (as you can see from my blog banner!) It does however lack a certain something in regards to the other faction frigates of it's class. Then again, I feel the same about the Jaguar in regards to the other AF's. Thanks for the kind words on the blog too buddy, I've been bit with the blogging bug recently so more should follow!

  5. Your blog is in my top 3 favourites and I always look for your postings mate :) I shall tell him to post when he gets his lazy ass online. I think he might be learning skills and what not. ;)

    Yeah, I find that as well with the Firetail, it's like the kid at school who is moderately tough, kind of in between the real weaklings but not quite up there with the bad-ass bullies. You sure wouldn't pick on him on your way home from school but at the same time he wouldn't go into the toilets and attempt to dunk head bully under the flush.

    I hope that makes sense :p