Saturday, 26 March 2011

Babushka Doll

"Little soldier, little insect
You know war, it has no heart
It will kill you in the sunshine
Or just as happily in the dark"

                                                                 -- (Noone Would Riot For Less, Bright Eyes)

        New Eden is a place for dreamers and achievers. Those who will it to come to pass can make it happen, whatever that may be. After seeing the outrage of all the big alliances over the announcements at Fanfest this year I got to thinking about the concept of wealth within New Eden along with the structure of hierarchy that many adhere to. 

         No matter how I chose to approach the subject, the true wealth always lies in the singular person in my eyes. Whoever is top dog, leader of the gang, will generally benefit above most and rightly so surely? They set the whole operation up, those below do his or her bidding and in one way or another everyone cuts a profit along the chain somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't actually believe this to be true in the case of large 0.0 alliances. The alliance holds the sovereignty and the corporations that exist under all fight together for the greater image. Whoever leads the alliance has gained great power and prestige through the process, yet what do the corporations actually get back here? It feels more like a stranglehold the more I think about it all, hearing about all these sights to be ran and the profits therein. the corporations and pilots are being given a 'safe place' to generate personal wealth in exchange for dying to make one person inevitably hundreds of times richer than that pilot could ever hope to be. I suppose it works to some level, though it feels like rather than being paid to work you get paid with more work and somewhere you'll finally get the $$$. 

        I might be totally off the marker having only been in a corporation attached to a greater alliance for a short time in my younger days and with my current situation largely being a 'do it for myself' affair (which is so wonderful; freedom and all that). If I am shooting off target, do throw it up at me, for I'd love clarification as much as the next guy and 0.0 life has always fascinated me for, likely, the wrong reasons. 

        My final other thought pertains to the alliance tournament. The Tuskers teamed up with The Bastards last year for it and admittedly we failed pretty hard, though I'm unsure whether it went down in the history books or not. Somebody asked me in local if we planned to enter this year and rather than saying 'no' I had to honestly say 'we can't, we don't want to be in an alliance again' because it just didn't work for us. I wonder why CCP haven't devised a corporation tournament in lieu of the awesomeness of the alliance tournament. I think on a smaller scale, it could be a really good way to see a much more concentrated and high octane level of PvP. You put me and 4 of my corp mates and you've got a cohesive team right there, it would be awesome to see such an event in my opinion. 

        The little guy loses at the end of the day, as is the way life goes. I'm not asking that to change, honestly I just want to see a corporation Tournament! I've been able to get some good time in New Eden as of late, which is great and I've missed it a lot. Perhaps some write ups of recent engagements may be in order, we'll see. 

QQ: Can corps even take sovereignty? 


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