Thursday, 10 March 2011

In The Dark Places

"So our young men hid
with guns, in the dirt
and in the dark places."

                                          -- (In The Dark Places, PJ Harvey)

Well, I'm still alive. Barely.

My final few months at university along with my internet provider (Virgin Media) becoming total fools and destroying the service due to over-subscription in certain areas, which I unluckily reside in currently, has meant that getting back into New Eden has been nigh impossible. I'm fairly sure I've dropped days of skill training due to the difficulty... Blasphemous, I know. 

I'm just trying to lend an olive branch to those who have enjoyed my blog in the past and (perhaps) like my existence in New Eden that I'm not dead and will be coming back. 

I recently had my first anniversary as a Tusker... which I couldn't even log on for. Sad to not celebrate with a good roam with my corpmates but I'm happy to have been considered 'Tusker material' for a year long. Here's to another year hopefully!

Keep killing, keep kiting and wave if you see me in local.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear that you're still having issues with VM, Kishin, and that you missed your one year anniversary as a mighty frigate warrior.

    FWIW, if you call virgin and say you're leaving, your connection magically becomes perfect for a few days, at the end of which they call you and ask if you'd like to come back. If you say no, it immediately turns to crap again.

    Funny, that.