Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Key to The Highway

"I got the key to the highway,
Billed out and bound to go.
I'm gonna leave here running;
Walking is most too slow."
                                              -- (Key To The Highway, Derek & The Dominos aka. Eric Clapton)

        For the first time today, I flew a Hurricane. Nano-fit with all that kiting goodness penned in, I loaded up the barrage and hastily attached what rigs I recalled to have put on the fit I'd made in EFT a day or two ago. We had a gang in Jovainnon and time was of the essence. 

If I recall correctly they consisted of 2 Drakes, Myrmidon, Hurricane, Curse and Blackbird. We hadn't truly got a clue of what we had in fleet due to such a quick rallying of the troops but we undocked and Sa'haira proceeded to keep the fleet cohesive and smart with some quality FCing. Unfortunately they didn't feel so confident with the final composition of our gang and all we got was a lonely Drake for our troubles. 

Oh well, I hate Drakes anyway. Here's to other engagements in the Cane!

Complimentary injection of music go! 

Oh and this happened right after... I killed an Exequror:

'You have been added as contact
From:  olegonn 
Sent: 2011.03.30 18:39 

olegonn has added you as contact with Good Standing

bitch girl'

If anyone can help me understand this a little better well... I'd appreciate that!


  1. I was under the impression that he was offering some strange proposition... Wrong button indeed. ;D