Thursday, 7 April 2011

House Of Wolves

"Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave.
Tell me I'm a bad man,
Kick me like a stray."

                                                  -- (House Of Wolves, My chemical Romance)

        I'm fast approaching a few milestones in my life in New Eden. Firstly, I'm about to enter the top 1000 pilots in New Eden according to popular killboard Battleclinic. In a year with the Tuskers I've grown into a competent pilot, whether I'll ever come to the point of being one of the best will be a matter of time and dedication. 

        Secondly (and more importantly) I am on the verge of breaking 1 billion isk ransomed since my time with the Tuskers. Whilst most can churn 1 billion out from other methods in no time flat, I'm rather proud to have a testament to my time as a pirate and the way in which I've come to product myself throughout daily life in New Eden. 

        As some of you may be aware, I've supplemented my piracy with my profession; piracy. I'd like to elaborate on what I do to make isk on a regular basis...

  1. Taking the loot from the wrecks of my victims, selling on useless/unnecessary loot and retaining anything that could be useful in the future. I'm a hoarder.
  2. Salvaging any Tech 2 wreck I may come across, should I happen to have a salvager nearby. The possibility of a quick and easy isk injection from an intact armour plate is just too good to miss. 
  3. Seeking to always arrange a ransom with my target should it provide a profitable endeavour, whether through the ransom of a ship, pod or other means. 
        The important one here to look at, the aspect which makes me a pirate and not a pvper; ransoming. It boggles my mind why people generally act so negatively to the prospect of being ransomed. I personally conduct myself in such a manner as to let everybody win; the ransom will likely give me more isk than any potential loot drop (along with being readily available in liquid form removing need for logistical support), whilst being less than the cost of actually losing their ship and thus saving them time having to re-fit or travel home and by also saving them a modest sum of isk. I win, they win. Unfortunately though, they always want both parties to lose. Understandably many can be wary of being ransomed due to horror stories of being podded after parting with hard-earned isk.

        Many believe it's impossible to live through such means, though after a year I find myself still swinging. I lack the luxuries that others may of a prober, hauler (at least a competent one) and, as is the latest craze, boosting T3. Whilst I've contemplated going in and dedicating the time to set it all up and thus probably make myself a good bit of isk, after some conversations with other pilots about such manners I am often told that I'm a 'true' pirate and that such a thing is quite rare. I feel quite proud that some might think such things of me and I do wonder whether my way of life qualifies as true piracy and if so are there others out there that live the same life?

        I'm seeking to add a second parallel to the current blog, one solely built around documenting the facts on how I live; the expenses of each day, the profits. There'll be a good bit of room to cross between the two and I'm quite excited of showing that (hopefully) it's not so tough after all. 

Thoughts? Comments? I'd appreciate some initial criticism on the concept. 

P.S. We were all young once, I still get moving to this song. 


  1. Putting an offline T2 salvager if you have an empty high-slot (that would otherwise just be used as a heat sink) will help you not need a nearby Salvager, and you can online/offline it while you wait for your GCC

  2. I for one, would be interested to seeing a behind the scenes look at your day to day logistics. While I'd like to say that I've taken to Piracy like a duck to water, I'd be lying. Our KB, which also tracks Ransom income, has me about 130misk in the hole since I started the life of a lowsec pirate and I'm making up that deficit through Planetary Interaction mostly. One of these days I hope to be a 'true' Pirate as well and leave behind the last of my carebearing ways.

  3. @ Arrhi: Aye, I do that when it's a possibility (case & point with the Slicer) but usually I've got my ship fitted completely, I like to feel like I'm getting the absolute maximum from each one I fly.

    @ FNG: Thanks for the feedback mate, I appreciate it a lot. The aim is to provide some sort of grounding with which hopefully more people can embrace such a lifestyle. It will all be coming together over the next few weeks and hopefully something will roll out soon enough.