Sunday, 10 April 2011

Karma Police

Before I even start this blog post, I ask you all listen to this.

"Karma police
I've given all I can
It's not enough
I've given all I can
But we're still on the payroll

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself"

        Warning; the following post is a self-loathing rant built of spur of the moment emotions that may or may not last the hour. The fail-cascade of losses I'm currently putting myself through is infuriating. The continual loss of ships due to either ridiculous sized blobs or my own huge vat of stupidity is beginning to wear me down. I feel like what luck I've had in the past is wearing thin and the lessons I should be learning still won't stick!

I should be happy considering I've managed to simultaneously break the top 1000 on BattleClinic and hitting over 1 billion isk in ransoms, making me the highest grossing ransomer in the Tuskers. These are great achievements and I am truly happy, I just wish I actually had the current performance record to back up such statements. So many dumb losses and few quality kills to my name leave me really wanting to straighten up. 

This is made only more stressful under the growing concept that I am a 'true pirate', which is detailed in the blog post prior to this. Wanting to buy a Dramiel or Vagabond is a serious decision and when it comes up short on me, I'm left slapping myself on the wrist for being so careless (though I've never actually flown a Vagabond, too shiny). I want to sustain myself from piracy but I'm falling behind in the game, not having adequate means to track and kill my prey (through such things as probing alts to catch mission runners, a quick injection of ransom goodness). Here's to hoping that I can get my head put back on straight, I need to find myself again. 


  1. First of all, excellent choice of song! Always nice to have an excuse to put a bit of Radiohead on loud. :)

    Secondly, I'm sure you'll overcome this frustrating patch, after all you're in the company of great pilots and friends and your battleclinic stats go to prove your worth.

    If you ever feel like a little holiday and a change of scenery then consider spending a week away up in the Molden Heath district, we'd be happy to take in a lodger of your ilk here at RANSM. Suleiman enjoyed his stay.


  2. Yes, more Radiohead please. And louder. And more.

    Secondly, I like your post. Sometimes it's like dog shit on your shoe, all those stupid errors you thought you'd never make again, the gate camps, the bad luck. But don't worry, it will get better soon.

  3. Once I made the transition to soloing in battlecruisers (like that time you bumped into me in my Myrm) I realized that probing alts are all but essential these days for efficient larger-than-frig-sized piracy.

    Not saying you have to, but an alternate account will help you not lose ships to gate camps or blobs, not scare off ratters while you hunt for them, and provide you probes for people in safes/missions/etc.

    The key is whether or not the increased ISK efficiency will offset the 350m a month for their PLEX. To a certain extent, I also feel like it's cheating (but it's a better feeling than going victimless for the night at least)

  4. Cheers for the responses guys;

    @ Miura: I think I might take you up on that offer, might be good to see a different side of life for a while.

    @ Sob: Thanks you for the kind words, it's definitely a difficult mindset to break myself from when things prove so negative. Regardless, I look forward to seeing the rise.

    @ Arrhi: You are definitely correct there Arrhi, the only use I've find for my BC so far would be through forming up a fleet for a nearby target that we can't break. I can also concur with the concept of cheating too, I feel CCP had quite naive notions for such ships at first and it's all gone above and beyond them. I don't think I'd want to dilute my play time making the isk up each month either...

  5. Sounds like you could use a change of pace.

    Moving up to Molden Heath for a while might be a good idea, but also consider flying something unusual (for you). This might be an old ship with completely new fittings and tactics, or training for a ship you have never flown before.

    Anything to get yourself out of this rut.

  6. You don't dilute your play time so much as you hope you get a few T2 cruisers/battleship ransoms (which is made possible by your alt's convenient probe-fu) as increased piracy revenue. So long as you keep one PLEX ahead after a juicy month, you can hold through some dry spells as well.