Thursday, 14 April 2011

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

"Our work is never over"
                                               -- (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger; Daft Punk)

        Okay, so it was admittedly pretty difficult to find a particularly meaningful quote from this rather (lyrically at least) repetitive song. I think I managed just fine though; our work is never over. 

        I bought a second Hurricane, specifically fit for artillery purposes, to take part in Suleiman's ever more famous artillery fleets and it didn't die unfortunately. I now had two insured and fully fitted battlecruisers sat in Hevrice V that needed to be used and once more Suleiman came through for me as he announced an impromptu roam down to some pvp hubs nearby. Excellent. After the fleet was ready we headed on out and I begged that today was going to be a better day for me. I used my autocannon cane for this roam as it was more in keeping with the gang's composition.

        At first things went slowly, managing only to best a cyno Kestrel in combat. We all have to get our kicks somehow right? The fleet consisted of a Drake, two Harbingers and two Hurricanes all shield and nano fitted. Unfortunately we lost a Harbinger on the way due to significant other aggro and we were down to four pilots; myself, Suleiman, Robert Mason and Sa'haira. As we cruised further away from home we came across a Tengu acting rather suspiciously in a Faction Warfare hub system. We set ourselves up 200km off the station and he thought himself smart to come directly to us... This obviously was a foolish move on his behalf. We kicked everything into high gear and leapt right on top of him, though he was incredibly fast and even a web couldn't keep him properly contained. He was also tanking us like a champion, with both myself and Suleiman throwing a duo of medium neuts on him each the entire time. As his tank began to fail the response fleet landed not 40km away, of which I saw a Curse and Hurricane before I decided to not even bother looking and just focus on this blasted Tengu that was only 25km off the station by now. Fortunately he could not hold on and he exploded in a wonderful isk bomb. We scooped and bugged out. 

        After some attempting to get a second engagement proving futile, we moved on and ganked a Vagabond that was safed in Tama. Always a pleasure. We continued on our merry way and found a gang consisting of a Dominix, two Drakes and Myrmidon camping the high-sec gate in Akidagi. We sent our new friend, who boosted the fleet by another Drake, Rajere (who is not flashy) to the gate and he was aggressed by the Myrm. We engaged and took him down along with a nosey Helios, though we couldn't get either of the Drakes down before they jumped into high-sec. Still with no losses we soldiered back to Tama to head on our way home. 

        By this time Sulei was fed up with my constant talking about pointless things and felt it only right to send me in as bait (fun stuff!) and I was warped to 0km on a Moa, instantly getting webbed and scrammed for good measure. The rest of the gang warped in as an enemy Drake, Hookbill and Tengu joined the fray. My shields were buckling as I tried to neut the Moa off me, burning away and hoping to get an microwarpdrive cycle off to give me some range. The guy sniped the Moa off me and I proceeded to burn for range with around 10% shields left. The Tengu bugged out and the Hookbill escaped in structure, though the Drake was not so fortunate. Feeling pretty good with our pristine efficiency we decided to head on home. 

        On the way, however, we spotted a Scorpion wanting to fight us. Sulei informed me that this particular fellow had produced a pvp video in regards to this specific Scorpion (though googling did not reveal such a thing for me) and we pulled him into a belt. He wasn't, however, alone. An Abaddon landed and Sulei called primary on it as the Scorpion was tanking our fleet. The Abaddon was gank fit and died in a fire when we put our battlecruiser might upon him! The Scorpion was ours for the taking now and succumbed to our fleet. High-fives went around and we zoomed on home, ganking an ex-corpie on a gate and finally finishing in Hevrice with another glorious cyno kill

        All in all it was a really fun roam and I got to grips with the Hurricane a lot more. I also burned through about 2000 rounds of Barrage M in total, to my dismay. I'm enjoying battlecruisers a lot and hopefully I have more lucrative endeavours to embark on in the near future in them. 

Until next time, fly safe. Oh and if you've never seen Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5secret 5star 5ystem and you like Daft Punk, then totally go find it and have a watch. Fun stuff. o7


  1. Boo for Significant Other aggro meaning that I missed the tengu! (did score some points with my girlfriend though :D)

  2. Here's the scorpion video if you're interested -

  3. I was tempted to blog about this roam, think I'll just refer to your blog instead. :P

    A few corrections though:

    - My Harbinger didn't have medium neuts (or any at all - only pansies need them for solo work!)
    - I was the one who sniped the Moa off you - the rest hadn't arrived yet
    - The Scorpion pilot was the Moa pilot, also it was Sa'haira mentioning his video - I haven't even seen it!

    Good roam though, expect ISK soon(tm) - 200m per person or so.

  4. Lots of pew pew! \o/ Sounds like y'all had a blast