Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Courtesy Killed by the Cat

        Finally managed to get a decent fight against an Assault Frigate in my own, with this particular fight being my trusty Wolf against a Hawk which had the guts to show up in Hevrice. Interesting indeed.

        I'd just got back from having my Rifter destroyed during a rather overzealous attempt to kill a Hurricane. My fellow wing mates Steve and Bone also lost their frigates. As I stepped back out of my pod in Hevrice, I noticed a new unknown in local and immediately hopped back in, scanning my ship hold and spotting only one available ship; my Wolf. Usually I am not a fan of flying Wolves for a few reasons, the main being their inability to hold range with lack of a web, thus losing the option to disengage in majority conflicts and rather weak capacitor circuitry. Still I needed something with guns, hope and the need for isk wasn't going to break the tank of my potential foe now was it?

        Undocking with no time to lose as the dreaded 'down-time' approached, I made an initial scan round the centre of the system and spotting a Hawk. 'Sweet Mother of Mary!' I thought to myself as I immediately brought my scan range to 15 degrees and cycled through the belts. My luck held firm and on the second attempt I found him lurking in belt 1 of planet 7. The warp-drive engine leapt into life as I rocketed towards my target. Just as I landed, just shy of 30km away, he made an about turn and hopped into planet 5 belt 1. A short chase later and I caught him at 0km in the belt with my scrambler wreaking havoc with his engine, the fight was truly on!

        A bit of manual piloting played to my strength as I pulled him out of his orbit allowing my fearsome autocannons to really start punching into his shields. As the fight was beginning to draw to a close, the armour on my ship slowly stripping away into the abyss of space, fellow Tusker Bone HeadXVII dropped into the belt and helped me give that final push towards victory. His ship shattered and his pod ejected promptly, with all my hopes pinned on getting a lock and scram on his 4 year old pod...

        'Kishin has point' I proclaimed with a huge grin across my face. That grin was wiped off my face shortly after as I saw the shields on his pod turn to red and his armour following suit. 'Cease fire, cease fire!' I yelled down comms, a fault of my own as I should have proclaimed my intent to ransom the fellow. Raptors pod survived with his structure intact (luckily) and I invited him to our ship ransom channel. A quick apology and incredibly pleasant conversation later and I went away with 25 million. Turns out that was his first pvp based fight ever and those 4 years playing Eve appear to be all industrially based. I felt proud to have initiated him in the world of pvp and piracy alike, with my pride being overshadowed only by the actual regret I felt from stealing isk from such a respectful guy.

        Unsure whether he'll ever read this as I didn't have the chance to say during our conversation (he left the channel just before I finished typing) but I wish him all the best in his budding pvp career and hopefully a rematch might be on the cards!

        Also, don't you think that title is snappy? I was practically giving myself a high five upon thinking that piece of genius up. As a final goodbye from this post I give you my new favourite youtube clip ever, brought to my eyes thanks to Arrhidaeus' awesome post, here's the clip: "If it's not baroque, don't fix it!" And don't worry about me going all soppy on you guys either, the remorse only lasted about as long as it took to click on my flashing wallet, fly safe!


  1. Great post man, and nice booty that you came away with...! I can't blame you for feeling guilty, as a new pirate myself I find it difficult not to feel a little pang of guilt now and then, especially when my targets are so polite to me. But as you say, "the remorse only lasted about as long as it took to click my flashing wallet"..

  2. Nice one Kishin,

    Guilt, hmmm. Sometimes I get that but usually only when someone comments that they read the blog in local which serves as a good enough distraction to drop on them and blow them up :]

    Moar people should come to low-secto meet the locals tbh....

  3. Aye and let us ransom their pods for chiefly sums of money!

    The pirates life for me indeed.