Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Whilst I've been away...

        I haven't been able to share the wonderful world of EVE with you all for what feels like forever now. I've been unfortunately caled away over the Easter holidays to personal matters and thus haven't been able to log on at all. I made sure to put in a nice long training skill to suffice my absence and lok forward to the wait-free results of Kishin's hard work over my relaxation!

        I'll most definitely be back within the next few days and will make up for my tardiness with plenty of pod kills (I don't think I've had a kill all April yet!) but until then I shall be slinking away in the shadow of the world wide web.

        I mainly just posted to give Romeo, a fellow Tusker, some props and a shout out with a series of interviews he has been doing on the afroementioned Tuskers themselves; Ka Jolo's Interview is the latest to be published and it is a really great read. I hope my interviewcuts the bill and makes it to print!

        Til next time, fly smart all.


  1. See you again soon, mate! o/

  2. I chose Minmatar Cruiser IV for when I finally make the big jump. I wanted something a little more useful but nothing fit well enough into the time frame I had planned out.