Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Music Makes the World Go Round

        I can't quite remember who's blog post it was, perhaps one of Kirith's, regardless it popped into my head today whilst logging on and listening to some of my most listened to songs whilst I kill ships.

        Unsure quite what people will think but broadening one's musical boundaries is never a good thing so send me what you like to listen to besides the sound of autocannons!

        My select favs;

        I hope you all enjoy at least one of those, I of course love them. I'd love to know what you guys listen to (if anything) whilst you go about your life in New Eden. Finally back from my break also, so let the good times roll!

1 comment:

  1. Very good taste, and I especially loved the Fleetwood Mac (I've been listening to entirely too much of them recently). One time I accidentally put on repeat on my iTunes while solo roaming, and didn't notice until it had played through about 50 times.