Friday, 30 April 2010

Who IS that piece of hawtness!?

        ... I don't know, but if you see her tell her I said hi. On another note Romeo Blakstorm, a fellow Tusker and friend, has just posted another in his line of interviews with other Tuskers and it's finally my turn to be unleashed upon the internet blogging world!

        I hope you all enjoy the insight into a (young) Kishin Hattori, as this interview is from my earlier days in the Tuskers, regardless I'm sure all you out there looking to find out more stuff to blackmail me with will get something of worth here.

        Kudos to Romeo for taking the time to do these interviews!


  1. /me nods.

    Cheers Kishin.

    How time flies, two months ago you sent me back the questions. Two months is a heck of a long time as an eve gamer. Still, it is a useful insight none the less.


  2. Most definitely, it was nice to read it all, brought back a lot of good memories from my first days as a Tusker!

  3. You need to do a follow up interview! I'd imagine you'd come off as a lot more ruthless and experienced this time around.

  4. I think I might go give Romeo a chat about that, though I can only think that out of all the people Romeo interviewed I am hardly one of the more interesting deserving of a second interview in the eyes of the general public.

    Then again, who knows!