Saturday, 15 May 2010

Am I Flying Yet?

        Sophocles once said "The Immortal Gods alone have neither age nor death! All other things almighty Time disquiets." and as I finally push past 10,000,000 skill points, a product of a long and arduous process; I finally am beginning to feel that my abilities are coming together. My support skills are forever on the rise, with all but a few now at minimum lv 4, the most important lv 5. This is good as I'm now able to afford more time to actually training skills that I want such as prerequisites for new ship classes and so forth. 

        This is a pie chart of my current layout of skills, with a hefty amount placed into gunnery (for obvious reasons) and spaceship command (mainly due to my foolish wish to want all four races of frigate skills at level 5).
I can now fly Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr ships all tech 2 fit including their tech 2 hulls. Gallente is having to be put on hold for a while, as the required drone skills are not going to be easily taught. The most exciting ship I now have access to is the Imperial Navy Slicer, a ship that I've always held interest in, but due to never bothering to train for tech 2 small lasers I have gone without it for some time. In little over 1 day, I will have a skill-set that I am comfortable enough with to fly one of these.

        The future for Kishin is still one of uncertainty, my main current goals are to continue working on my support skills, whilst finishing off the four race policy I have in place. By proxy, this will open up other ships like the Dramiel and Cruor to me (which is a very nice prospect indeed!) I am still slowly moving towards cruisers, it is just a matter of getting the medium laser/projectile skills to tech 2 allowable and I'm there. I will pursue that at a later date.

        As I look back on my time in New Eden, I smile and look forward to the future with even more excitement. With a new CSM being chosen soon and another expansion on the horizon, I am in hope that life in low-sec will get ever more interesting. I've definitely come a long way during my time in the Tuskers also, going from what was once a wallet that held little more than 10 million at a time and a killboard of 25-24 kills to losses respectively, to a much more healthy amount (I won't reveal details!) and a killboard that I am very proud of. Here's to the next 10 unlucky pilots that push me up to 300 kills.

        Fly smart.


  1. Nice stuff Kishin. I too have trod the path of the four races to level 5 but I have stumbled at my last goal - Caldari. Which is currently teetering at level 4. . . . Nothing tech II Caldari is grabbing me to push it to 5 as of yet.

    Romeo :)

  2. Got me a Slicer myself just yesterday. B)
    (Hope you didn't ogle that contract in Kamela, too)

    Though I had little time to try it out yet (went along a rather fruitless roam instead). But it got its maiden voyage kill. Not a great one, but I'll gladly take it as a good omen.

  3. I'm mainly training Caldari for the Kitsune and the Blackbird in honesty. I still need to push my rocket skills up a lot before I could be considered a worthwhile Cardari pilot though.

    As for Gallente there are too many ships I want to try, but the 10 day training time for Gallente Frigate V really puts me off until I have the drone skills.

    Ah that's good to hear Jax! We'll have to go out on some Slicer roams at some point soon, I love the way it fights like a mini Vagabond, out of scram and neut range, just plinking away at their tank. Arrhi is a pretty epic Slicer pilot from what I've seen, Sulei aswell I've seen get some awesome kills in those things.

  4. Congrats on the 10m landmark buddy, hope you have fun in the Slicer.

    Eventually I will go four the four races Frig V as there are ships in each line that I want to fly, but not yet. I have nine training plans to work through before that happens! That said of course, the Dramiel plan is one of the nine.

  5. Congrats on 10m SP! It's a funny number to hit, because time seems to speed up after, and suddenly you already think, "Wait, I'm at 14m SP already? I thought I hit 10 a week ago?!"

    Amusingly, our pie charts are almost identical. I just finished off T2 small hybrids, and am a few days from Gallente Frig V, but am ignoring Caldari frigs. After that, I'll finally move on to T2 cruisers (which will be a relief).

    As far as Slicer roams go, the ships are so fragile that with my fit at least, multiple people wouldn't necessarily open your potential target range up, except perhaps ships like Myrms, Ruptures, and Vexors. Generally, I think of mine as a ship that punishes curious frigate or destroyer pilots, and can snag the occasional cruiser.

    Now an all Cruor roam on the other hand...