Saturday, 22 May 2010

My beloved...

        I lost him, my pretty Firetail...

        It was entirely my fault, but he is dead once more. I would hail you with tales of his descent into darkness, lighting up his path only with the flash of the autocannons, eventually succumbing to the overwhelming force that I faced... But I can't. He died trying to ninja salvage, against - not that I knew at the time - cloaky Pilgrims. May he rest in piece.

        To make matters worse I've now purchased two Imperial Navy Slicers as a bandage to the wound. I feel like I'm cheating on the little Minmatar gunboat. In an attempt to give myself a little pimp among the space lanes that are frequented by Dramiel after Dramiel, I gave my wallet a sleeping pill and went to town purchasing myself a nice new hangar of ships. When poor Mr. Wallet woke up he was a good 150 million down, without his wedding ring or one of his kidneys. Well, that's what he tells me at any rate.

        I've yet to actually fly either of the little Amarrian ships due to a) sheer fear of warping in a few kilometres too close and dying horribly and b) the many conversations which all give me different fits. Some suggest cap stability, others a damage control for extra tank and some a heat sink to push out extra dps. I'm still unsure myself but I'll undock one once a few more skills have been patched up in hope to plug weaknesses in the ship.

        I've been losing a serious amount of Rifters lately to my dismay. I'm getting more and more gutsy with the fabled hull and almost every time I come up short. Whether it's the limitations of the hull itself or a lack of skill on my behalf I can't be sure. Something definitely isn't right though and it's bothering me. I have, however, been getting some great small-scale frigate roams with a few pals of mine, both in the Tuskers and out. We've also been getting some good fights across the board in the Tuskers, with a particularly notable fight occurring last night.

        You've just been filled in via me on me and the life of me, I'll have some more interesting posts for you all soon.

        Till next time, fly smart.


  1. Did you fork out the whole 150 on the two Slicers, or buy more toys too :)?

  2. Faction frigs are addictive and perhaps not good for your health :P

    I have a Slicer, 3 Dram's, a succubus and a firetail ready for action. I don't want them to die :( that will be a sad day when they do.

    We'll have a ceremony and say our goodbyes. When that happens . . . .we will ask for the press to show us some privacy.


  3. Hm, two Slicers can't possibly cost you 150m.

    But yeah, it's a tricky little ship to fit and fly. Almost ended up in scram range against a Rifter recently. Wouldn't have had serious trouble, but it made me cautious against brawlers with MWD.

    3.7km/s are tough to handle. :)

  4. Well I've already lot a Slicer, in a way that I still can't quite fathom. Ended up getting volleyed to death from 50% armour by a heavy pulse harbi at 20km!

    Definitely going to be putting damage control on the ship in the future, just to extent my survivability some.

    I do have some other ships, 2 stilettos, a Jag and Wolf, along with a bunch of Rifters and modules.

    Hopfully my luck pirating will turn, been having an awful time with it all as of late.