Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Here We Are Juggernaut

         As some of you may already know, the Tuskers have had a declaration of war against our name. For most corporations and/or alliances I can imagine this would be a point of upset and worry. This is most definitely not the case for us Tuskers...

        Now I don't really need to explain game mechanics here to illustrate my point as I'm sure those who have just read the above paragraph will most likely have pegged what point it is I'm making; why declare war on a -10 piracy corp? I genuinely don't know. Regardless, they've honourably been putting up some fights against us, so kudos to their bravery and gung-ho attitude to the whole situation.

        If anyone actually followed my blog from it's conception (I believe Romeo was my first ever follower!) and have read it throughout, then you might remember the point in my life where I was drafted into my old anti-pirate corporation High House Of Shadows' training corporation Shadow Academy. The reason for this was in part through guilt from leaving them a little under a month before, but also because I wanted to help out the people whom taught me such a great deal about living in New Eden. My goal was to drive off a 4 year old player by the name of Duckeye. In hindsight I feel my friends at HHOS over-estimated my abilities in pvp, but they felt that having me fight beside them would improve their chances greatly. I of course obliged and fit up various ships to counter the cloaking Pilgrim that Duckeye chose to grief us with.

        I won't recap the outcome of this all, as all the posts remain if you happen to be interested in it. What I am trying to say, however, is how different it feels to be on the different spectrum of events this time around. To be the victors (so far) of the war and to be fighting confidently and without apprehension or fear of my opponent has humbled me, surprisingly. If nothing else it has reinforced how far I've come as a pilot, whilst driving home how different a person I've become from my upstart days as an anti-pirate. Part of me wishes I was the picturesque Rifter pirate who'd only just been given their pilot's license; striking out on their own, taking down anyone who tries to stop them. I of course was not this image, but I flew the ship with as much love and duty as any other, in a never ending attempt to get a kill. 

        New Eden presents a myriad of opportunities and challenges to those who wish to accept them and through constant endeavour we all somehow seem to find a home in the thousands of solar systems that form our community. Where was your old home? What did it mean to you?

        Fly safe.


  1. Indeed I was! It has been an interesting read since, nice work. . . :)

    My old home? Imperial Armaments Factory in Teonusude was where I stored all my early piracy gear back in 08, this was before my flashy red days and I believe I still have some gear there actually.

    I don't know why but I just liked the system as a staging post.


  2. The Wardec does feel a bit peculiar tbh, local is prettier now with the addition of red stars :D

  3. Teonusude, no way Romeo! My home base was Gelfiven just next door, although that was in 09 before I became a pirate.

    Happy days of getting killed by battlecruisers in Molden Heath :')

    Also yes, the stars are indeed pretty, I wish for stars forever more \o/