Friday, 28 May 2010

Harvester Of Hearts

        A momentous occasion my fellow pod pilots; I am officially now on the all time killers list for the Tuskers!

        I've just made it on as of 5 minutes ago, a fight against a Merlin gave me what was needed to make it on. I must confess that I am ridiculously proud of this seemingly unimportant achievement as I could be just as easily knocked off by tomorrow surely? Whilst that is true, I am proud that in exactly 94 days of join the Tuskers I have contributed 277 kills. that breaks down into just under 3 kills a day, which I cannot complain with indeed. My skill points are finally getting to a point where my repertoire of potential ships is greater and I'm just about to begin working on the Dramiel and Cruisers. An exciting road ahead indeed!

        Here's to many more kills along the way, life is good.


  1. Ah welcome to the Elite 30 :)

    Some top names on that list! Look at Ronan up thereon top the suave dog him :p


  2. Onoes, he's closing in! D:

    But all time solo kills is where it's at anyway. :D

  3. All my solo kills all have rats ninjaing on the killmails and so it never counts D=

    Eve is just mean to me like that.

  4. Oh yeah! Well i'm ranked #25 on the top losers of all time board so beat that! Oh wait you're right behind me ^^