Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Old Republic

        I've finally picked up another Firetail after quite an extended period of time and I'm really enjoying flying it as I expected to. I'm unsure whether I just have wonderful luck in this ship or that there might be something special about it that lets me achieve what I do. I'm opting for the former.

        I'm now one kill away from the 300 landmark, I'm really looking forward to reaching that milestone and hopefully before I even finish this blog post I will reach that goal. We are stalking a Harbinger as I type...

EDIT: We attacked the Harbinger and ended up taking out two Brutix' on top of the Harbinger we attacked. A fantastic fight.

        In honesty though, the main reason why I am writing up this blog post is due to a rather exciting event that happened earlier today. The event in question is my most lucrative snippet of piracy to date. Yes, more lucrative than the Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor loot drop that made me giddily stare at the killmail for days on end. This time, I managed to secure a rather large ransom; a 200 million isk ransom to be exact. Myself, Novantco and a new friend of the Tuskers ItsmeHcK1 were out poking our noses in various systems not too far from home and after a victory over a Wolf which unfortunately never escalated as we wished it to, we were just about to leave Lisbaetanne in search of greener pastures. Itsme was sporting a Rifter and myself my trusty Firetail. Novantco was just docking up in Hevrice after putting his Megathron on the line in attempt to take on a Wolf, Drake and Broadsword that never grew to the fight it should have (as mentioned above). I was aligning back out to Aeschee and spotted a Raven on scan. I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it to the gang over vent and did a quick directional scan round the celestials within my range. Strange, he isn't there. Things suddenly got a little more interesting.

       I began to search for the exact position of his ship in space; distance, direction, relation to the plane of the system. Itsme volunteered to probe him down for us and gave all the information I could that might have proved useful in the process of finding the target. We got the Raven's signature to 100% remarkably quick and proceeded to throw both myself and him into the fray. I landed at barely 5 kilometres away from him and established a web, scram and a nice orbit. I was most definitely in for the long haul. 'Drones are out, they are hitting me hard' I chimed into comms and the frigate duo that rocketed around the hulking Raven shot them down quickly and efficiently. At this point Novantco dropped into the site in his Deimos and started working on the Raven's tank. A few minutes later and both my Firetail's tank buckling under the weight of drone fire along with Novantco's Deimos' tank being punished by the Raven full rack of Tech 2 Cruiser missile launchers, the raven finally gave up the ghost and his tank failed

        We caught the pod by some grace of God and before I could even type something in our ransom channel that he was now at in, he asked 'how much?' I was somewhat stunned, but Novantco quickly told me to push for 200 million, which I had no qualms with doing. I asked and he immediately paid. The wallet flashed and I got a little richer. We released points and left the mission site, talking frantically in ventrilo about the fight just gone by and how awesome the ransom we got was. In hindsight he most likely had some far more expensive implants, but when pod ransoms can be such a gamble, I never try and overshoot my mouth in such situations. 

        Today has been both great fun and incredibly lucrative for me as a pirate, I only hope that the great times continue. At least today has most definitely paid for the purchase of my new Slicer which I look forward to flying very much!

        All the best fellow capsuleers, fly smart.