Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Cheap Eyes of the Beast

        So things have been building themselves up, isk and all, to allow me to get back into my life as a failing 'pirate'. I wouldn't quite say I'm a pirate, mainly because I don't attack miners, only targets who themselves are looking for a fight. Oh and I ransom too, which hasn't worked yet, but first time for everything eh?

        I finally had my precious Jaguar about ready for it's maiden flight and lo and behold, something else rains on my almost tangible parade... A guy called DuckEye. Some may have heard of him, some maybe not, but suffice to say his main love in New Eden is to declare war on corps of low ability and harass the hell out of them, watching the corporation fall apart. Alexia Morgan did an interview with the guy little under a year ago, which might be of interest to some of you; This unfortunately happened to an academy corporation of a bunch of close friends of mine about 3 days ago if I'm right. As the main corporation had pretty much all of it's combat wing  indisposed fighting up in 0.0 at the time and me still in great debt to their helping me get off the ground within New Eden (no pun intended,) I decided that I'd drop into the academy and take this guy on, see how well I fare with all my solo piloting experience under my belt. Turns out, not too badly considering the circumstances.

        The guy flies a Pilgrim, fully kitted out; tier 2 drones of every kind, cloaks, strong tank, the works (oh and a Typhoon for when things aren't quite in his favour). I however on the other hand can't even fly a cruiser with any great amount of sufficiency (my adoration of frigates has indeed shot my training plan in the foot a few too many times.) Combine that with about four years of flight experience next to my three months, and well over ten times the amount of skill points as mine, I would say I'm well and truly beat. Fortunately not, as he hasn't actually managed to kill me yet, though I can't say I have killed him yet either.

        He has admittedly claimed a few lives of the corporation, but people are learning and are becoming cautious to his acts. Kills are slowing down and have actually been stopped dead according to his killboard today (Woop!) so with any luck we might see out of this in one piece.

        This has been my first experience with war declarations and whilst a frustrating one, it has indeed been a valuable one. I've been able to witness how a very cunning and resourceful pilot flies, learnt more about flying various ships, covering team members, scouting and forming strategies, even a little about commanding a fleet. So despite the cons, there has indeed been a few pros. One major con to all this however; 2 million for a week's worth of causing grief to new pilots. Not cool. I had once thought war decs were universally expensive, but upon being told this, by the man himself during some fun local banter, it made me feel nothing but sadness. What are concord for, the reason of high security systems, if one can just pinpoint a bunch of like-minded players all finding their feet and pay a mere 2 million isk to unlock the gate holding them back known as piracy. I agree, there is a certain amount of hardening up to do (forgive me for omitting the profanity there,) but a week old pilot cannot harden up to a four year old vet. It just doesn't happen. I'm thankful that myself and one friend in particular have been able to stem the killing, if not stop it entirely, but the declaration isn't over yet and there is a long road to salvation still. Let's hope we don't fall down to our knees.

        Any thoughts are as always appreciated, till next time.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


        ... Well, not quite. Apologies for getting anyone's hopes up. I do, however, have a cat related post today. I finally have the opportunity to fly a Jaguar Assault Frigate! (Waits for the crowd roar...) Yes, not quite as exciting as one might hope but it's a goal I've been moving towards for a long time. I really cannot get on with anything other than frigates currently during my solo flights, I like the agility of them and the tactical opportunities they give on the battlefield.

I understand they might not be the most savvy purchase for an isk starved pilot such as me, but hopefully I'll have some great luck flying this ship.

On an somewhat related note, I have begun to culminate a Punisher guide to help people learn the ways of the great frigate! Check back regularly to get updates on how the projects going, hopefully it will be of some help to potential Amarrian pilots, or just Minnies who really don't give a s***!

Till next time, fly smart.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Oh how it was never meant to be...

       Ok so I had a thrasher lying around, gathering rust and thought I'd finally take one out for a shoot around low security. Fitted it all up, 7 shiny teach 2 cannons, armour plates, the works. Quite excited about the potential kills I could hopefully get I ended up spending a good 13 million on that set-up, money which I admittedly didn't truly have to waste. I finally un-dock and begin to cruise towards a local haunt of mine; Amamake.

       Now I know I was on my way to shoot down other pilots in a faction warfare area, whether they were faction fighters or not, but being bombarded by a horde of Gallente and Minmatar battleships just takes the cake. They had camped the gate into Amamake via Ossogur I believe. I was pretty much insta popped by a wave of quite literally 15 Battleships and proceeded to be ransomed. Fortunately the clone I was flying had nothing in his head, so more fool them. I really do wish that some pirates would get off their asses, stop holding hands with twenty other of their heavily armed brethren and sit waiting for whatever comes their way. Gate camps are a part of New Eden I'm not asking for any changes, but does it not seem almost carebear in itself to be protected by so gank and tank that you could probably click the self destruct button and someone would still come take care of you.

       What I'm trying to say is, fight fights you may not win, pirates in for profit are pirates not worth their salt. Jump in your frigates, hell even cruisers! Just stop hiding behind a swarm of drones, shields and armour when facing off against a lonely Thrasher. This is I know a huge rant post but when things like that slap you in the face, it really hits home. I'm off to go mission my isk back for the next 5 days.

       And based on this, I doubt I'll be trying the Thrasher anytime soon, Rifter please!