Saturday, 25 June 2011


"Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
Alright. I'm goin down to shoot my old lady,
you know I caught her messin' 'round with another man.

And that ain't cool." 
                                        -- (Jimi Hendrix; Hey Joe)

As my time in the USA has been phenomenal things have definitely been quiet around here (incase nobody noticed) and whilst that will be rectified I don't have the time to truly keep things pushing. That being said, it's also pretty hard to motivate myself right now due to Zulu's and elephants in rooms. 

Now let's look at the lyrics which I'd like to use to explain the situation from my eyes. We establish that a relationship has ran sour through an unfaithful partner and as such she is to be executed. May I also bring in both the Dev blog Zulu posted up not long ago that (in many's opinion) was a great big 'we're not listening' to the community out here. Thirdly and finally, take into account the email that was sent by Hilmar that I'm sure most will have read (I would provide a link but they continually get deleted off forums too quickly; you'll find it if you go take a look). 

With all this in mind when regarding the lyrics we could perceive that CCP has been unfaithful to us, the playerbase, and as such we are taking power and acting in a manner deemed appropriate. They lied to us, did they not, with the state of micro-transactions? Yet, on the other hand, what of CCP's side of the story? They seem to be incredibly steadfast in regards to these issues so far. Could it be that we have been unfaithful? Unable to 'HTFU' and run with whatever they are attempting to create (or sell) and for that we are being hurt? 

Frankly I couldn't give a damn about micro-transactions in EvE as they are; some dude wants a monocle? More power to him. I actually like the potential held within Incarna and hope that CCP survive this ordeal long enough to actually give us something with utility and flare. 

But honestly, the part of all this that sunk home to me has been two-fold. Firstly in the sadness I hear from some of my fellow corp-mates voices as they discuss the issues surrounding this event; hearing the lack of faith they now have in CCP. Secondly in the forums of my corp; here I can be sure that there's no trolling etc. Obviously no names are given for respect of my friends. Take a look at these...

"Yeah, no way I'm giving CCP another bloody penny with their responses to the ongoing ragenaught about microtransactions. My main account lapses in September; I'll aim to get as much use out of the time I've paid for as I can, then I'm out.

It's been a blast, guys."

"As I'd imagine others are feeling, I feel very strongly about the issues of MT in EVE. I've been reading through the threadnaughts and I'm really angry at CCP for their responses. So, unless anything changes, I'm voting with my wallet and leaving EVE.

Its been great guys, I've loved flying with you. I really hope they pull this around."

On top of this, I've seen 2 other Tuskers cancel their sub and another saying that he's gone the second MT becomes game-changing (which I think goes for a lot of us right now). All of this in the space of 12 hours from Zulu's blogpost... This isn't right. 

Maybe I'm being overly sentimental and soppy about this but to me the main draw of Eve is my friends and the community that I'm a part of. This blog is a means to interact on a wider scale beyond my shooting people in spaceships and Incarna could be another avenue to experience the community that Eve holds. I choke up whenever a Tusker decides to part ways because they're all great people - when 4 go in 12 hours, well as Hendrix told us, that ain't cool. 

Sort this out CCP, please.