Friday, 20 May 2011

Help I'm Alive

Help I'm Alive by JadePuget

It's been one hell of a crazy month over in my world (which is the same as yours but filled with rainbows... Or so I'm told). I'm about to be jetting off to the USA for 3 months to spend some much needed R&R with my favourite person in the world Bonni3 (who's art is phenomenal by the way, check out her galleries) and the English Literature degree I've pursued for the past few years is finally coming to a close. As such I've lost my head a little with Eve and the times I do log on I'm usually itching to shoot stuff; ultimately I have been dying in a lot of fires lately.

Journals is still on the go and although I'm quite terrified of the results of April and May (due to my recurring derp) I will do so in the name of science and take the flak from it as it comes. I'm ashamed to be building a blog based around survival through piracy only to show a seriously isk sink (I evaluate somewhere around 1 billion overall... I'm so serious), though it will hopefully get me to put my piracy head back on straight for when I come back to playing properly again.

With the Tuskers recruitment closed again some aspects of the corporation are beginning to smooth out, though the Molden Heath campaign has admittedly gotten to us in my opinion; too few people based in each system has led to a lack of allies and in this day of Eve generally only the most diligent of pilots can sniff out the horrific blobs (something I especially have trouble with due to my lack of alt-ness). I'll be looking forward to having all of us back in Hevrice together so things can truly get back to normal in the Tusker camp.

Beyond that, there's been little to report. Hopefully I'll find the inspiration to get some more lengthy and in-depth blog posts. Until then o7