Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Paint The Sky With Stars

Just wanting to let people know, myself and (love of my life) Bonni3 have done a bunch of goofy doodles and are hosted over at her blog for all your viewing pleasure. There's a bit more info on the whole concept over there, so feel free to head over and take a look. It's all for fun but we'll take commissions if someone ever felt they wanted something done, if so just give me a shout on here or in-game!

All the best.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Don't Give Up

So it's been a while since I've been flying to any level of consistency. Real life has taken larger president and I've been rather busy. All is well, far beyond well; all is fantastic! I'm finally finding some time to fit my pirate escapades back into my days, so expect the cobwebs to be dusted off the blog, sorry it's been so long!

Original Kishin

New 1.1.0 Incursion

Saving grace 1.1.1 Incursion Kishin

I think it's obvious that the middle Kishin is quite frankly hilarious and rather scary! I'm thanking my lucky stars that CCP gave everybody a free redesign again, although I couldn't find this fabled third name aspect...

The message is, Don't Give Up! It's a great tool, just remember that whilst it might look good in super high resolution zoomed in, it doesn't look quite so on a tiny portrait. Keep that in mind and you'll be golden.

It's good to be back, hey New Eden. Oh and I won my first Dramiel fight!