Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blog Banter 22: Girl With One Eye

This month's topic is brought to us by L’Dene Bean of Nitpickin’s who asks: Why, and how did you pick your corporation? Is your loyalty solid or just until a better placed organization “recruits” you. The shorter version: Who holds your Unshakable Fealty and why?

Okay well I would hope that the corporation I belong to needs little to no introduction for the majority of the bloggers that so much as take a glance at this blog but for those select few that have absolutely no clue I shall give a quick run down of our 'role' within New Eden.

The Tuskers are essentially a pirate corporation, sharing the same age old tradition as many other successful (and less so) piracy based corps in Eve. What I feel sets us apart and also the reasoning behind my application, (and Jolo is going to murder me for saying this) was the fact that we pride ourselves on good etiquette and being generally trustworthy. This could in some circumstances correlate to the idea of 'honour', though general consensus suggests that honour is a nigh impossible thing to chase within the profession of piracy. We do purposefully ruin people's days for a living of course...

 So now I've made sure to safeguard myself from having the Tusker name corralled into the 'honourable pirate' category I can steam forward with the rest of this entry!

Not only do we have the aforementioned 'honourable' reputation but it's been apparent since day one that the majority of Tuskers are quite competent pilots. It would make sense considering it is our life blood (some more so than others) and our main connection to the wonderful thing that is Eve. This atmosphere of quality, noticeable through our killboard statistics and less than flexible application process, means that generally only like-minded and worthwhile pilots get into the ranks. This isn't to suggest that the Tuskers are a bunch of elitists or anything, they did accept me afterall.

The people are friendly, I have a great deal of freedom as to how I play the game. I fly what I want, when I want and go where I want. Occasionally fellow corp members tag along too and then things usually get really interesting. I can't really think of much more that I would want. 

Could I survive in another pirate corporation? Sure I could. 

Would there even be a point in going elsewhere to look? Most certainly not. That whole 'greener grass' mentality has never stuck well in my head. A quite clear cut example is in the fact that I still can only fly frigates at a rather respectable 17 million skillpoints, yet all I hear about is the grandiose nature and awesomeness that is the Battlecruiser. I actually think I get told on a daily basis to start training... Do I? Of course not!

I've found that through the Tuskers I've managed to forge some semblance of a name for myself too. Admittedly the larger portion of that name comes purely from being a flashy red Tusker (which usually causes anyone to flee the scene) but nonetheless I am thankful for being able to parasitically improve my skills from the people within the corp, buff up my wallet with the wonderful kills and fair system for splitting loot and generally just finding the best parts of my life through the connections and reputation our corp has. 

I would hope that the Tuskers feel I am still a worthwhile addition to the ranks that it hasn't been quite so one-sided a relationship as I've portrayed. Hell, even if it was they'd have a tough time booting me out the door. I am here to stay. 

Much like Arrhi's experience I've seen plenty a pilot leave the Tuskers, some very good friends. The experience does indeed change everytime I log on and to realize that I am allegedly a 'veteran' among the blood now is a strange revelation to experience. I still see myself as the fool who's got a terrible skillset and refuses to bend, the guy who's getting murdered all over the shop and the 'new guy' who get heckled by the rest of the gang when I log on to vent. 

Essentially, I am the Girl With One Eye. I'm not complaining. 

Friday, 22 October 2010

World In My Eyes

Just a quick post to introduce you all to a new blogger and fellow pilot in Mew Eden (and yes, he is a Tusker!)

His name is Buck Flintrock and his blog is readable here.

I chose a wonderful b-side song by The Cure (as the title of course, all my titles are songs) for this inaugural third party cannoning of Buck's blog into the community that is us, the bloggers. I hope you guys go take a look, follow if you like and keep a tab on the various goings on of this stellar guy.

Oh and I got first follower, so you'll all just have to vie for second... *victory dance*

Welcome to the blogging community Buck, wishing you all the best in the future!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Karma Payment Plan

So as some know, others didn't but know now and the rest that couldn't give a flying; I am back on eve. To commemorate this I first perused through the blogs of my friends whom I have admittedly not been keeping up to date with. One post particular caught my eye and I read it. Cartoon Boy's post pertaining to the idea of karma (which was eloquently titled the same) had me ready to come back to the blogging and pirating world, so much so I left a comment on there. It reads as thus;

"A perfect song for a rather sombre topic.

I name my Dramiels after the same song; 'Karma Police'. I rage so hard when they die that the many kills I obtain with it all equate to the same pain I feel when it finally explodes. 

Karma indeed."

(He had 'Karma Police' by Radiohead attached to the entry!)

So obviously when I returned after a period of pirating, karma had surely forgotten about little old me right? Eh... Not quite. It was in fact, plastered all around the cockpit of my faithful Dramiel 'Karma Police'. I should have checked the lock a bit better when I put it in the hangar that last time because a mere 24 hours after my return to Eve, it went down in a blaze of FAIL. What did I do wrong? Everything. 

Now I know Dramiel's aren't stellar craft for dispatching Daredevil's at the best of times but with the backup waiting I genuinely thought I'd be fine. Well, had I done the checklist of do's, I just might have been.

Instead I forgot to launch my drones, activate my web, overheat my afterburner and keep the necessary range to not be one-shotted. Unfortunately I didn't do what used to be a second nature habit of mine and for this I lost the ship I loved the most... I'll be writing up why I used the fit I have done, how it netted me a good 50 kills and is my favourite Dramiel fit out there. Expect to see a synopsis in the next instalment of this blog series.

The rust is peeling off, I promise. One loss at a time.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

High On Rebellion

So I'm finally back, after around 40 or so days of inactivity I believe (should my memory serve me correct).

I'm back for a rather specific reason, mainly pertaining to fellow corp mate Bourreau's tri frigate tournament that he has put together. I'm really looking forward to it and am also in the search for some teammates!

Rules have been updated since his post, so I'll get on his case and get him to post up a new blog with updated rules for all you fellow pvpers who are interested. Whether my activity will hold after the tournament is a complete mystery to me, there have been some rather large revelations in my life (real, naturally) and thus I'm taking a step back to look at my options. Hopefully during that time Eve will find a comfy place to exist, I do love the ol' spaceships!

Glad to be back for the time being, hopefully for the future too. *hugs the entire world of Eve* I missed killing you!