Wednesday, 2 February 2011


"Call me crazy, I've been called worse.
It's like I have it all, but what's it all worth?
I'm probably better in my afterlife.
I should cherish life, but this ain't paradice." 

                                                                   -- (Paradice, Lil Wayne)

To say I've flown frigates for a long time is quite possibly an understatement. I'm sure there are those who have honed the art far further than myself or have dedicated to the path better than I have, though I think I do myself pretty well. Each death provides a new life and I get to have another go. Surely it is what we all want? Paradise...

Time is on everyone's side and I'm no exception. 20 million sp in frigate-based PvP, ranging across all four races, every small weapon system to tech 2 and max navigation skills. Nothing is (at least in theory) off-limits to a capsuleer in New Eden. I took a step back when a chunk of sp was handed to me in lieu of learning skills being abolished and had to decide what to do with it all. Assault Frigate V? A gunnery skill to V providing a poxy 2 dps? Not this time, Cruisers and Medium guns got the love. What a wonderful present indeed.

What caused me to finally bite the bullet? I've managed to hit the milestone of 1000 kills, all with frigates (and a few with Destroyers...) and honestly, I think that's plenty enough to allay any doubt of my passion. Even so, we all have to grow up sometime and last night, thanks to the hospitality of Man Barthelme, I undocked in a PvP fit Rupture...

My thoughts? It's pretty fun in truth. Definitely not as sluggish or as difficult to pilot as I initially anticipated it to be, that's for sure. I like the damage output, though I'm still shaky jumping through the gates. Time will teach me how to become effective with it.

I wish I had phenomenal tales of bravery to bequeath to you all, yet the only real fight I managed to pull in it was a note-worthy duel against this unfortunate Rupture. Other fights have been white washes generally, so I'm looking forward to some healthy competition in the future.

If New Eden was dictated by dice, I've rolled it hundreds of times and proved my worth. No doubt I'll roll the chances many times more... It just seems like the stakes got higher. No matter what happens though, keep in mind that you can always roll again, you are never over.

P.S. The quote? I know what you are thinking; shamelessly stolen concept from famed pirate Kane Rizzel. I figured he's got literature covered, I'd extent my musical theme too. Consider it flattery, I don't want a lawsuit!