Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Who You Gonna Run To?

"Baby, i've been wrong
And maybe i've been livin a little headstrong
But i know it isn't right 
Startin' a war by avoiding a fight
It hurts, don't lie..."

                                                                            (Who You Gonna Run To?; Solid Gold)

        After a fair amount of time the Second Quarterly Report over at Journals of a Baroque Pilot is complete! Please take the time to go have a look and also drop a comment if you enjoyed this instalment. 

For those who follow this blog but are not aware about my secondary blog Journals, it is a blog dedicated specifically challenging the concept of piracy not being a viable profession within the game; I track my profits (and losses) as I go about my piracy career with the Tuskers. The ultimate goal is to show potential pirates and pvpers that you can make a living purely off piracy alone. Also keep in mind that I do all this on a single character - no alt prober or booster for me. 

Hope you guys enjoy this report and look forward to the next report that will land in October after data from Q3 is in.


  1. Mate, I've not seen you post a bad song yet. Sweet stuff, thanks for the great listening material.


  2. You should check out the studio version of this Miura - think it would be right up your alley.

    All the best.